December Tarotscope Video with Michele Knight

14 thoughts on “December Tarotscope Video with Michele Knight

  1. Please keep up the tarot Michele…love it. You are so good, really hit the the nail on the head! Love your personality, anybody would be lucky to have you as a friend. Hope Rocky is behaving!

  2. Amazing! Everything happening right now, felt like you had walked through my mind, holding my hand & guiding me, much needed. Will step back from the drama & listen to intuition. Hope the next few weeks are as good as the cards & astrology forecast. Thank you Michelle, right words at the right time, your inspiration will drive me forward x

  3. Wow it was Spot on for me / a Gemini…. it guided me / helped towards me resolving a negative issue that was brought into my life by someone but all is good now . I felt I had enough no more , I dealt with the situation diplomatically & it worked out better than I thought it would . Feel happy now . Please continue doing the tarot scope . Thank you so much! :) X

  4. Ab-SOUL-utely on target for me! I’m a Sun Capricorn. Definitely feeling pressures from myself…I live alone, so financially, there is pressure or stress as the restaurant I work in has not been as fruitful these past couple of months as it has been in the past. So, as I work to build more clients for Reiki, Readings and Life Guidance, which is my passion, I am working on figuring out how to drop a day at work to allow more time for my own business. AND, I asked the cards while you were shuffling about finances, career and love, as I am also single at this time. And, yes, it appears someone is on the horizon, as someone else told me so in a personal reading. Thank you!

  5. Spot on for aries Michele, really like the impromptu ness of it all but so spot on re devious and sneaky people – it’s exhausting! I’d love for you to continue with them especially as we head into 2019 X

  6. Great readings really bang on. No Aquarian’s though?
    And was wondering do you do personal readings yourself Michelle?
    Thank you

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