Tarot Meditations – the message of The Fool

Tarot decks aren’t just for telling the future in psychic readings.  Learning the tarot is a brilliant way of increasing your psychic skills, but the 22 major arcana actually contain a huge body of wisdom.  Seen together, they form a kind of cosmic map of the kind of experiences you’re likely to encounter during your lifetime. The Fool is slightly different as he shows us exactly how to find our way through the terrain.

The Fool is my absolute favourite and a one stop shop for the most important spiritual lesson you can learn.

When you look at The Fool, you see someone apparently just about to step off a cliff. This would be disastrous for anyone else, but not him.  Don’t be deceived by his name – The Fool is already enlightened and his secret is that he understands the working of the entire cosmos, even though he looks, well, like a fool!

The Fool embodies the hardest spiritual truth to grasp.  He moves forward in absolute trust, knowing that everything will work out for his highest good.

The Fool acts like a kind of wild card in the Major Arcana.  The rest are numbered consecutively, but his number is Zero.  He can land anywhere at any time and he represents both the beginning and the end of experience.  Ask him to reveal the most important thing you could understand on your journey and he’ll tell you, ‘This too shall pass’.  He knows that all experiences, whether amazing highs or heartbreaking lows, have their own end and make way for something else afterwards.

The Fool shows us that we need to follow our own path. The Fool teaches us to trust, even when we can’t be sure if we are stepping off into mid air or whether the ground will rise up beneath to meet our feet.  He shows us that we need to trust the bigger picture and also our own instincts.  Trusting our instincts is the way we begin to develop our psychic abilities and also connect with our power.

All magnificent journeys begin with a leap into the unknown.  So today, no matter what you are doing, let The Fool lead your way. Pay attention to your instincts.  If you’re struggling with any difficulties, know that they are only temporary and everything is already working in perfect order just exactly as it is.  Take the message of The Fool to heart.  No matter how things look from where we stand, as our lives appears from the perspective of the cosmos, all is well.

Much love,
Michele x

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