Venus and Neptune Conjunct in Pisces: Supernatural Love

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Venus and Neptune Conjunct in Pisces: Supernatural Love

Is this the real life?
 Is this just fantasy?

If anyone knew how to weave a spell of glamour, sorcery, music and fantasy it was Freddie Mercury and Queen. The opening lines from Bohemian Rhapsody perfectly sum up the energy of the Venus/Neptune conjunction which takes place on March 14, 2021 in Neptune’s ruling sign of Pisces.

This is one of the most beautiful and biggest transits of the year. It occurs in a Mutable sign against a theatrical backdrop of a big mutable cast. It happens the day after the new Moon in Pisces appears. And this new Moon falls very close to it. Amplifying its creative, illusionary potential. Drawing us in to the worlds of fantasy, imagination, art, music, intuition, legends, quantum realities and fairytales. Asking us to reach for that version of our higher selves or higher love.

Check Your Chart

Check your chart for mutable factors and planets and/or key points such as your ascendant, IC or midheaven in the mutable signs. If you are unsure, then one of our experienced astrologers can help you.

Look for any planets or aspects at 20 degrees of any of the mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces.

We have intense mutable weather occurring now. Mars and the North Node are in Gemini. Vesta is in Virgo, Juno and the South Node are in Sagittarius. What does this tell you? That things may change or are not what they seem.

Take a Deep Dive into the Realm of Possibilities

Pisces is the 12th house and rules amongst other things your psychic abilities, the supernatural, empathy, compassion, charity, your past (including your past lives), inspiration, fantasy imagination and magic. As well as anything that exists but cannot be seen. So, think alternative realities, the multiverse, quantum theory etc.

It also rules what lies beneath the surface as it is ruled by Neptune. Not just the sea but sewers, prisons, care homes, hospitals – these take us away from ‘normal’, everyday life. As do addictions – drugs, alcohol, shopping, sex, food, Netflix. Whatever we use to escape in other words. Espionage and spying – think glamourous spies real and in fiction – Mata Hari and James Bond would come under the rulership of this house! It also rules hidden enemies – the ones we don’t know about or see coming. This includes the enemy within us. The element that holds us back or sabotages us.

Call of the Siren

It’s important during this transit not to get out of our depth to use a Neptune metaphor. To check that what is luring or enchanting us is actually the real deal and not just an illusion. In mythology sirens lured ships into the rocks. Kelpies took the form of beautiful people – too hot not to touch. But when you did your hands became stuck to them and they dragged you to the bottom of the loch!

Venus conjunct Neptune can have us falling for an illusion. If something or someone appears ‘too good to be true’ – they probably are. Venus and Neptune together can have us putting someone on a pedestal. Only for them to come crashing down later. They also amplify our empathy. But this can be used against us.

That contact who you meet on a dating app who has a sad story, tells you after a few chats you are the love of their life, is happy to chat but not facetime or want to meet in person, who claims to be famous or connected to someone who is? Who lives far, far away – why do you think they are called ‘catfish’? Ensure that’s not what you have hooked.

Venus rules our money as well as our hearts and creativity. Avoid speculative ventures now and also – stay away from those internet shopping sites. What appears to be that gorgeous, alluring outfit can soon lose its glamour when it arrives. But the cost is a reality check you have to live with.

How to be a real-life sorcerer for beauty and truth

Amplify your inner beauty and show case this! Ditch the joggers and reach for your game face even if you are working from home or social distancing. Glamourise yourself and become the enchantment! If you do you may be surprised at what you channel and/or attract. But work with what you have. You don’t need to go buying more. And beauty is an attitude. Not an Instagram feed.

Pour your creativity into a project – art, music, photography, writing, designing or psychic studies. Astrology, the Tarot, meditation, dream analysis. Or even psychology as discovering what makes you and others ‘tick’ is your real key to that higher love. And falling for the real thing and not an illusion.
Being near water. Rivers, lakes, the sea. Venus rules ‘sweet’ water – those rivers and lakes. Neptune the ocean. If you can walk or exercise next to water this will harness the clear, creative potential of this conjunction.

In other words – blow away any fog of confusion and leave you with clarity.
Work this Venus/Neptune conjunction in a real way and you’ll receive real world results. A creative project that resonates and is filled with beauty, a connection to your higher purpose, answers around those big, sticky questions, an enriched life from here on in. And yes, if you take things slowly and keep it real, you could end up with that supernatural love connection. Don’t waste it. Create some magic this March!

By our psychic and stunning astrologer Elena

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