Spiritual Workouts for a New You – Raq Sharqi (Belly Dancing)

Spiritual Workouts for a New You – Raq Sharqi (Belly Dancing)

This series looks at movements that lift your soul. We are going take a look at the fabulously sensual beauty of Raq Sharqi dance. You will find loads of different spelling variations of this. Such as, Rak Sharki and also hear it referred to as Belly Dancing.

Ancient and traditional cultures use dance in many sacred and ceremonial ways. Across many cultures, there are traditional and sacred dances. Everyone, young and old, men and women, all come together to mark the turning of the seasons. To celebrate rites of passage or to evoke magic, sending out an intention into the universe as a kind of positive affirmation. No one would think that they couldn’t dance.

Raq Sharqui is said to have originated in ancient Arabia and was performed by both men and women. It was a dance of worship to the Goddess. It is also linked with traditional folk dances from Egypt. Its movements are winding, shimmering and wonderful for deeply connecting with your body and sacral chakra energy (our link to our sexuality and creative power). So, you get a lot more from taking part than just a work-out. For women, it’s also a  good way to celebrate our curves and tap into the true wild and wonderful nature of our feminine energy.

Joining a class

So, if you like the idea of joining a class but hold back because you think you’re the wrong age or shape, going along just to watch a class near you will inspire you. In addition, you will find women of all ages, shapes and sizes celebrating in the sacred spirit of the dance. Lots of women say that taking it up has enabled them to feel more confident in themselves. It’s helped them tune into an inner sensuality and sense of their worth that transcends many of the cultural ideas about beauty that we are bombarded with.

And if you’re a man who would actually quite like to take it up but think that it’s only something done by women – think again!

I hope you enjoy watching this duet feel inspired to take it up!

Loads of love,

Michele x

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