Spirit guide series part three – types of spirit guides

Spirit guide series part three – types of spirit guides

I’ll never forget an encounter I had with one of my guides.  I had a very clear vision of a huge cave woman.   She felt thousands of years old and absolutely exuded the most amazingly profound ancient wisdom and power.   I felt such love from her and so much awe in her presence – and she never said a single word to me!  All she did was laugh, and yet that laughter seemed the wisest and most loving thing I’d ever heard.  It touched my very soul.

So who was she?  Was she a wise woman or priestess who had crossed over many centuries ago?  Was she a divine being?  Could she have been a long, long distant relative, traceable back through many generations? Was it even me in one of my first lives?


The energies that step forward to take up the role of being our guides really do vary.  Many people talk openly these days about working with guidance from the angelic realms, connecting with the great Archangels, such as Archangel Michael.  Others connect with those who were once human, but who ascended to being divine masters and devoting their eternal existence to serving humanity, such as the Lady Nada.

Some spirit guides may be shamanic masters who have crossed over.  Again, some people share that they work with Native American guides who were once the shamanic leaders or elders within their tribe.

Many forms of native spirituality talk about animals working as our spirit guides and power totems, taking the form of jaguars, eagles or bears.

And of course people also work with guides who introduce themselves as just ordinary, everyday people who have just crossed over.

Perhaps some of our guides are us in different dimensions? Fragments of our soul or us in a past or future life?

No preconceptions

If you haven’t already connected with your guides, the most important thing is that you drop any ideas around what kind of guide you hope to meet and instead set your intention to encounter the guide who is the right one for you.  Maybe you’ve always felt a deep connection with Native American wisdom and secretly hope that your guide will be a sleek panther, but when you do your meditation you could just as equally get a strong connection with something or someone you had not even thought of. One of the keys to gaining the most from all spiritual experience is to have no preconceptions and let the wisdom come in, in a pure form.

As long as the guides with whom you connect support you in the evolution of your soul, one particular ‘type’ of guide isn’t better than another.

And along with all of the other tips and guidelines I’ve given, always remember to show gratitude and appreciation for the time they spend with you and the connection that you share.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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