Types of Dreams and Exploring Dream Definitions

This article explores various different types of dreams with a goal to give you a well-rounded view.  These are just summaries, and you can find more information on dreams by joining in the Psychic Knight community where all manner of dreams, intuition and spiritual progress is discussed.

Recurring Dreams

Have you ever had the same dream repeat over and over?  These recurring dreams are often indicative of an energetic loop running through your life.  It’s like your system is a big tape recorder and your consciousness is pushing the “playback” button over and over again.  It is vital to take stock of the symbolism and events in these recurring dreams so that messages can be gleaned from the scenes.  By identifying and then interpreting these messages, we can get out of the “playback” mode and start moving forward in our lives (both in dream life and real life).


We’ve all had them, and we’ve woken from these dreams breathing a sigh of relief and saying “I’m glad that was just a dream!”  Although, nightmares are so powerful, and can feel completely real.  Nightmares are plugged right into our primal centers and activate aspects of ourselves that are typically hidden.  These aspects can be our shadow selves and can deal with pain, regret, shame, guilt, fear and a whole slew of other nightmarish monsters. Nightmares are actually healthy as they bring these issues to the surface.  It’s like airing out a fresh wound – it needs to breathe to heal.  Same way with nightmares.  Our consciousness brings our fears out in the open in the form of a nightmare so we might begin to consciously heal emotional wounds.


Among the various types of dreams, visitation dreams are particularly fascinating as they can offer a wealth of information.  Visitation dreams are when we are visited by people who are no longer living here with us on the earth plane.  Often these dreams are from loved ones who have passed – they can tap into us when we are sleeping better as there are fewer distractions.  We may also be visited in our dreams by our spirit guides, and these dreams will be very distinct as very precise information will be conveyed to you in the dream.  Visitation dreams can also present non-human visits from non-earth beings, animals (see below), or other energies outside the realm of human.

Animal Dreams

More and more people are reporting to have vivid dreams with animals in them.  This is a direct message from the animal queen/kingdom.  When we have these dreams it indicates there may be a need to get in touch with the very basics of life, and become more grounded in the simple, natural aspects of living.  Animals in our dreams will relay outstanding wisdom to us.  This wisdom will depend on the animal, it’s condition, the dream-environment (habitat), among other criteria.  Let these animals coach you about the meaning of the dream.

Prophetic Dreams

These types of dreams represent prophecy – future events shown in dreams.  These dreams will be direct knowing of events that have not yet taken place.  These dreams can be extremely unsettling – particularly if the events are unfavorable.  When this happens, it’s important to know time is non-linear, meaning events never happen in a straight line.  This is comforting, because there are infinite potentials that will affect point A (the time of your prophetic dream) and point B (the manifestation of the event you dreamed about).

Intuitive/Psychic Dreams

I’m of a mind that all dreams fall in this category.  Dreams are so unique because they activate the mind, spirit and soul.  Anything that deals with this remarkable triad of knowing is all about intuition and psychic potential.  Intuitive dreams can be interpreted to give you a simple blueprint of meaning.  You can take this intuitive blueprint and apply it to your life – which will allow you to make more educated choices.

Common Dreams (mimicry)

These will be regurgitative dreams.  This is when our minds are consumed with so much information – the overload leaks out into our sleeping hours and manifests as an expression in dreams.  You will have encountered a common dream when you dream about playing chess after you’ve played 20 games (in waking life) with your best friend.  The act of constant repetition and intense mental focus will carry itself out in dream time too.  These common dreams serve as a pressure valve, releasing a bit of intensity, making room for more thought capacity.

Lucid Dreams

These types of dreams are when, in the midst of our dream, we are suddenly aware we are dreaming.  This awareness is quite magnificent.  This surreal experience of knowing we are dreaming whilst in the dream comes from a part of our greater awareness (sometimes called the Watcher in an esoteric spiritual context) that is looking out with expanded consciousness.   Lucid dreaming can be extremely useful in problem-solving (Einstein was known to use lucid dreaming in his work).  With practice, we can make every dream a lucid dream by working with that Watcher presence.  In so doing, we can gain access into fathoms of insight and understanding.

I hope you have enjoyed these thoughts on the various types of dreams.  If the idea of dreaming is a bit new to you, check out this primer on Dream Meaning here. Also, keep checking this website as more information on dream meanings is still to come.

Written by Avia Venefica of www.whats-your-sign.com

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