Harness the power of dreams

We spend nearly 50 per cent of our lives asleep and the power and magic of dreaming can be the key to your soul.  Dreams can give us signposts to the future and our loved ones can appear in our dreams to give us messages.

When I was younger, I used to have nightmares all the time and keeping a dream journal helped me look at what was bothering me.  Demystifying the monsters in your dream is very empowering and, by unlocking the door of your nightmares, you can gently bring to consciousness subconscious fears and worries so that you can work through them – but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Often, things I dreamed would come true – sometimes in strange ways. For instance, once I dreamed about being in a toy red car and driving through a small path surrounded by sheep. Two weeks later I went to the country with a friend in her red sports car and we ended up on a small path surrounded by sheep. At that point I lived in the middle of central London and I was not expecting to go to the countryside.

In terms of dreams providing a space in which our loved ones can come in and give us a message, I will never forget one really vivid dream in which my mother appeared.  Even though I was in a dream, I knew that she was trying to communicate with me and warn me about something. Dreams like this have a different quality to normal dreams and, by paying attention to them, we can access a whole new dimension of knowledge.

Keeping a dream journal is a key step towards harnessing their power.  I have kept a dream journal since a young age.  Dream journaling is like learning the Tarot or any other oracle. The more you pay attention to your dreams, the more they will speak to you in a clear language. It’s a fascinating journey into the core of you and harnessing their power can be used to transform your life and bring you into your own!

Keep a pen and paper by your bed. If you have a tape recorder this can be even better as you brain can lose the dream quite quickly. Speak or write as soon as you open your eyes. If you wake in the night, write down your dream too as different times of night give us different dreams.

When analysing your dream, be aware of the symbols and write them down on a blank page. Be aware of colours too as these can be very symbolic.  For instance, in the dream I described above, the symbols would include sheep and a red car.

Then, next to the symbol, describe the object you dreamed about as if you were describing it to someone who had never heard of one before. For example, in the case of the sheep, I would write, ‘It’s a four legged animal with hooves.  They are covered in a thick coat that we shear off and use to make clothing and blankets for us.  We also use them for meat and sometimes milk.  Sheep are usually white.  Some are black, though these are rare.  They eat grass, live in herds and are very protective of their young.  They stick with the herd even at times when it can lead them into danger.’

Doing this can reveal the rich layers of  meaning that can give sudden revelations about what the dream was trying to communicate with you.

Soon you will come to know which dreams are foreboding dreams, prophetic dreams or dreams where your guides and loved ones are trying to communicate with you. There is a host of magic and knowledge going on every night waiting for you to unearth its secrets.

Next time, I’ll tell you some neat tricks you can use to harness the power of your dreams in Cosmic Ordering and manifestation and later talk more about dream symbols. In the meantime, if you’ve had a dream that came true or anything interesting to share on this subject, leave us a comment.

Much love

Michele x

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