Jacky Newcomb, ‘The Angel Lady’ July Column

Hi everyone!

I am delighted to have been asked to contribute to this wonderful website by my dear friend Michelle Knight and I am looking forward to bringing you a little angel insight each month. I hope you’ll join me!

Your Angel Questions;

I hope to answer as many of your questions about angels each month as I can.  You can send questions through to me through the ‘post a comment’ box underneath this article.  You can also search for past articles under the category of ‘angels’ so that you have a reference here that you can come back to over and over again.

This month I’m going to start with the most commonly asked questions.

Q. What is an angel?

A. An angel…in the traditional sense is a messenger sent from God, a being of light but we sometimes call our deceased loved-ones angels too and that’s fine – they also help us from the other side.

Q. Do I have my own angel?

A. You do. We each have our own guardian angel watching over us. This angel has usually been with you from birth or followed you around for several lives. Thing of him…or her as a very dear friend.

Q. How do I find out my angel’s name?

A. Some angels don’t have names – not in the way that we might understand them anyway. You can ask your angel to bring you a name (in a meditation for example or during sleep) or if you wish, simply make up a name. Your angel won’t mind one bit!

Q. What is the role of my guardian angel?

A. Your guardian angel watches over you and helps to keep you from harm but he or she also helps you to learn your earthly lessons.

Q. How can I tell if my angel is male or female?

A. Strictly speaking angels don’t have gender but do sometimes show themselves as male (to show strength) or female (to indicate gentle or loving traits). Your angel may appear as male or female or androgynous (neither male nor femail).

About Jacky Newcomb – ‘The Angel Lady’

Jacky Newcomb is the multi-award winning, Sunday Times best-selling author of 11 books on paranormal themes and specialist in angel and afterlife experiences. She has appeared on This Morning, The Lorraine Kelly Show and many others, working alongside people such as Gloria Hunniford and Myleene Klass. Jacky has sold over half a million copies of her books which are translated into many different languages and published all over the world.

Jacky is a regular in the national press (including The Daily Express and The Daily Mail) and is often interviewed on radio stations up and down the country. She has been voted ‘Favourite Spiritual Author’ and ‘Favourite Angel Expert’ (Soul & Spirit Magazine) as well as ‘Best UK Author’ and ‘Favourite Spiritual Book’ (Spiritual ConneXtions Acknowledgment Awards). For more information about Jacky and her work visit www.AngelLady.co.uk

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