Your One Step Visualisation for Manifesting Love!

If you’re looking for love there’s a simple way to heart-start your search and draw that special someone to you quicker than you may have dreamed possible. Many techniques for manifesting love rely on you making a list of the qualities you want in a potential partner. That’s fine and there’s no arguing with the fact it’s a necessary step as when we become clear about what it is we need in a partner then we’re not only one step close to manifesting them but we’ll also recognise them when they do turn up! However, where many of these systems fall down is that they fail to take into consideration that YOU are a key part of the manifestation process. In fact, you’re almost totally ignored. This simple technique focuses on YOU and how you look, think and feel when you meet this person – so by getting in touch with that you can start to send out the energy and create the circumstances that will bring them into your life.

Ready to begin? Set some time aside when you won’t be disturbed and as with any visualisation technique, turn off your phone. If you like you can light some candles or play some relaxing music but this isn’t necessary. Get comfortable – you can sit or even lay down, whatever is most comfortable for you. Close your eyes and relax. Concentrate on your breathing. Now, I want you to imagine you are walking down a street. Where are you? What time of day is it? What time of year? Is anyone with you? What are your wearing? Notice your appearance if you can. Perhaps you can see your reflection in a shop window. Is your hair or make up different to how it is usually? Are you sauntering or going somewhere with a purpose? Is it a weekday or a weekend? Are you somewhere familiar or somewhere you’ve never been before? Take note of all the impressions you’re receiving because they are important.

Now, I want you to really get in touch with how you are feeling. Hopefully in this meditation you are already feeling pretty good but I want you to feel that wonderful sense of tingling anticipation we all get when we know that something special is about to happen. If you haven’t already accessed it think back to a time in your life when you felt like that and infuse your visualisation with this. Now, look again at where you are. Your future love is about to appear. Visualise the two of you making eye contact and again, concentrate on how this makes you feel. Allow them to start the conversation. What do they say? How do you respond. Again, stay with how you are feeling and also your impressions of them while watching their reactions.

Feel free to ask your ‘virtual’ lover if they have any information for you. This can be anything from what you need to do to connect with them in this reality to questions about the actual person you will meet.  Remember, this is all information about your future relationship that is being channelled by your higher self and even if the actual person who manifests may look or be different, your higher self is showing you a representation of them on some spiritual and emotional level so don’t discount or disregard what you are being shown or told. You can end the visualisation at any time. Afterwards, you may want to write down details such as what you were wearing, how you looked and where you were. If you looked or dressed differently it’s now time to change your image to mirror that aspect of yourself. Remember, when we make changes we attract something (or someone!) different. Above all, practice recreating how you felt in the visualisation as this is the key to manifesting your new love. When you change your energy vibration you can’t fail to draw its equivalent to you. So, open your mind and your heart and take this one-step visualisation towards manifesting love.

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