Your 7 Divine Gifts

Seven divine gifts

Many of us are well versed in the idea of there being seven deadly sins – but it’s far better to embrace the positive than focus on the negative. So what are the seven divine gifts? Here’s my list – and I’d love to hear any that you would add to yours!

Connectedness – know that you are part of the divine whole, that you are a unique soul with a part to play in the evolution of the whole. You are needed and wanted and nobody can ever take your place. You are already a part of all that is and you don’t have to do anything to earn your place or prove you deserve it.

Joy – take joy in the small things of life and the big things will flow. Be as quirky as you like about what makes you joyful – whether it’s the way pavements glisten after rain or how clean sheets feel against your skin. Don’t just take joy for yourself – be joyful for others. It’s more irresistible than physical beauty.

Curiosity – understand that life is a journey and that there is always something to learn. If you close your mind with the idea that you already know everything that you need to know, you miss out on being amazed by what else you might discover.

Playfulness – you are never too old to play. Whatever your circumstances, life should never become so serious that you can’t dance in your kitchen, kick your way through fallen leaves, run after a ball in the park or laugh at yourself.

Compassion – Buddhists say that this is the route to enlightenment. Throughout life, you’ll have loads of opportunities to practice compassion for all living things. It starts from a place of knowing that everyone is always doing the best they can and spreads out to change all who experience it.

Trust – knowing that the universe is on your side keeps you buoyant through those moments when you may feel that you are being overlooked or that your prayers aren’t being heard. Trusting that every single thing is working ultimately in your favour flexes your spiritual muscles and keeps you radiant and moving forward towards what is for you.

Love – this is the greatest gift of all and it begins with you. Love you as you are now. Realise that you are the source of all love. Through you, love flows out into the universe. Love has to be given away to be experienced and it is the one thing that you can give that is never wasted and never unwanted. There is no such thing as too much love.

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