When Will Love Arrive? Try This Meditation To Find Out!

When Will Love Arrive? Try This Meditation To Find Out!

You’ve done a lot of soul development work. You have fearlessly assessed your previous relationships – and your role in them. You’ve forgiven – both the other person and even yourself if necessary, and moved on. You’ve become very clear about the kind of partner you’re looking for and are applying your Quantum Creating techniques. So just where are they?

We’re often asked by clients in a psychic reading when love is going to appear in their lives. As many of you know, timing is extremely difficult for even the most gifted psychic to pin point as they see events in the quantum where of course time does not exist! There is a way however to get an idea of when that special person may appear. I call it the ‘House of Love’ meditation and it can provide us with vital clues as to where we currently are on our personal love journey and how far away that special someone may be.

House of love

The first part of this involves you doing something fun. I want you to go out and find your House of Love. This is a real house that will symbolise your relationship with your new partner. Perhaps there is a house in your neighbourhood that you’ve always loved because of the way it looks or simply because it has good vibes. Or maybe it’s a house you’ve seen advertised for sale and while it’s out of your price bracket you’d love to live in it.

The important thing is not what the house is worth but how it makes you feel. In other words, it is a bricks and mortar reflection of how you want to feel in your new relationship. This house is love. If you live near the house then take a photograph of it. If the house is for sale then download the brochure or photos and print them out or ask the agent for the details – there’s no need to tell them you can’t afford it – yet!

When you have your House of Love picture get comfortable and turn off any phones so you’re not disturbed. Spend a few moments looking at the photo and absorbing the vibrations of the house. Take note of the feelings it evokes. Now, close your eyes.

This is your house

Imagine you are walking up to the front door of the house. You are going to enter. This is your house. What do you feel, hear, smell when you enter the house? How is it furnished? What pictures are on the walls? Are there photographs in frames? If so, of whom? Take your time exploring all the rooms of your house taking note of what you find there.

Do you live in this house alone or is there evidence that someone else lives there with you? Their clothes or personal items? What kind of person are they to own these things? What do they say about them? Most importantly, is anyone in the house with you or are you alone? If you meet someone do you know who they are automatically? Do they feel they ‘belong’ there with you? Or do you sense someone else in the house but never actually see them?

When you’re ready leave your house by the front door, closing it behind you.

Now write down all the impressions you gained from your meditation. First, did you walk along a path to the front door or when you started the meditation were you actually standing at the door? The distance we walk to the door often represents how far we are from having the relationship. Was the door open or did you have to unlock it? Unlocking the door can mean there may still be work to be done before you meet that new person.

Move in

If someone was waiting to greet you in the house this means you are ready now to have the relationship and someone should appear very soon. If no-one is present in the house or if you hear or sense someone in the house but can’t find them then again, this is a sign that you may have some more time to wait.

Did you see evidence of someone in the house – their belongings or notice someone in a photo you don’t yet know? Then take note – you could have just received valuable information about the type of person coming into your life.

The great thing about this exercise is that you can keep returning to it. As time passes you may find things change – you may discover yourself actually inside the house when you start the meditation or else someone may now be in the house where it was empty before. If so, this shows you have moved closer to your love goal. So pick your dream ‘House of Love’ and move in!

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