When will I meet someone new?

I notice that a lot of times, when people are having a psychic reading to support them at the end of a relationship that they know is over, they often ask, ‘How soon will I meet someone else?’.
It’s so normal to feel pain when a relationship ends for any reason and it’s quite natural for our mind to try and find a way of stopping that pain and pinning all hopes on the remedy of new love that can plug the gap created by the loss of the old.

We will go on to love again but the time that we spend alone is really important and here’s why.
Relationships take place on many levels. There is the relationship as it exists in our heads – that’s where all the memories are stored and the things we tell ourselves and the thoughts and ideas we have about them. All of these cluster together and create a mental representation of the relationship itself which is usually also thread through with hopes and dreams for the future that the end of the relationship unravels. We need time to attend to that.

And then from a spiritual perspective there is understanding of what happens in any relationship on an energetic level. Relationships are all about the evolution of our soul and each realtionship has a unique and powerful lesson for us to grow and learn from.

Because we are all one, we are constantly exchanging energy with everyone around us and this becomes very marked when we are deeply involved with someone. I believe that if you could see your relationships on a quantum level, beyond the scope of ordinary sight, you could see that energy exchange and how our energy mingles with others, particularly the energy of our partners.Sometimes that exchange takes place to an extent where the end creates a huge shock to our energy system as someone literally pulls away.

During the time that we spend alone following the end of a relationship it’s important that we repair and nurture ourselves on every level. On a mental level, we reclaim the parts of ourselves that we might have handed over to the relationship and rebuild ourselves from top to bottom, everything from looking at our purpose in life to recrafting a new identity and a new way of being in the world. From an energetic level, we are literally recharging our batteries from our connection to the energy field of the whole.

It’s actually a very delicate and precious time where we need to see ourselves as being like a butterfly in a cocoon; soft, tender and delicate, slightly vulnerable and going through a major process of profound transformation that can’t be rushed. At the end of it, we do emerge from that cocoon, whole and complete in ourselves, able to spread our wings and fly again. To leap into another relationship before we have gone through that cocoon process means that we go into it not quite our new selves yet, which is why so many rebound relationships falter.

All that means that during this sacred time, the most empowering questions we can ask ourselves or anyone else is, how do I support and nurture myself? How do I fall in love with me and what do I most need to pay attention to in making myself the most beautiful and strong butterfly I can be? And most of all, to trust that we have the strength within us to move through that experience to being complete and whole again, and perhaps even stronger and more beautiful than we were before.

Loads of love,
Michele x

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