Valentine’s Day Surival Guide For Singles.

We’re almost at that date again when the whole world seems to be loved-up. Valentine’s Day is upon us as the walls of red cards, adverts from florists and towering pyramids of cute, cuddly toys holding red hearts stamped with ‘I love you’ constantly remind us. For those of us in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can provide us with a fun, romantic way of telling our other half we love them (do we really need a special day to do that?!). For those of us who are single however, all these commercial out-pourings of affection simply underscore the fact we are alone and not one of those lucky recipients of cards, flowers and that special over-priced Valentine’s dinner menu with free bottle of wine at our local trattoria.

So, if you’re one of the many people this Valentine’s Day without a special someone to call your own and you’d like to change that, what should you be doing?

First, and I know I repeat myself, but this can’t be said often enough. Look to your thoughts. If you’re going around thinking that everyone else is coupled-up except you – that’s exactly what you’re going to see. Our thoughts create our reality so make sure yours are telling you that love really is everywhere. Our universe is made up of love. So, imagine yourself in the vastness of space. Look around you. You can see planets, stars and entire galaxies stretching away into infinity. This space is not empty at all. It is filled with the presence and energy of love – the greatest power in the universe. And YOU are at the centre of all this!

Feel yourself surrounded by all this love. Love is all there is and you are constantly in the presence of love even if you didn’t realise it until now. The ‘space’ you occupy in the universe, in fact, the cells of your entire body are filled with this love. This love is intelligent – an all-knowing consciousness and this consciousness is constantly talking to you. What it is telling you is how special you are and that you are not alone. In fact, you have never been alone and never will be. It wants you to understand this on a deep, soul level because once you do, you know love is always with you whether you have a partner in your life or not.

Life is a mystery, but the presence of love in our lives and its messages are there to guide us through this mystery and provide answers to our questions. If we ask the question: ‘Why am I alone?’ the answer is that we are not. However, there might be a soul lesson in why we are alone right now.

When we tune into the love that is always there and start listening to what it has to say to us, it is then the real magic begins to happen. We begin to understand we are not only loved – we are love! We feel loveable. Think about all the people you know who have great relationships. They have them because they believe they are worthy of love – usually because they have been brought up by people who told them they were loved and loveable. Some of us were not so lucky but when it comes to being loved, it’s actually a level playing field out there – or should I say, level universe! The love that created the universe loves everyone and everything equally.

So, no matter your personal love circumstances this Valentine’s Day, understand we are all loved and that by tapping into the love around you, you will draw love in the form of someone special ever closer.

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