The Trust Fund – Healing the Hurt of Betrayal

Sometimes people choose to have a psychic reading because they want to understand why someone has betrayed their trust and what the spiritual answer is. There are as many ways for our trust to be breached as there are relationships. A friend can betray a confidence, we can discover our partner has been cheating on us, a co-worker or even a superior can take credit for our idea at work. Our creative idea can be plagiarised by someone we shared the concept with. That promising internet date turns out not to be as single as their profile stated or worse, they are not even who they say they are, and we discover instead that we have been corresponding with a scammer.

When our trust has been betrayed our confidence is shaken – hence the term ‘con’. Often instead of feeling anger towards the person who has broken our trust, we feel humiliated, and turn our feelings inwards. How could we have been so stupid, so gullible? We doubt our ability to sum up someone’s character and question our decision making process – all of which add to the feelings of humiliation and being let down.

So when our trust has been breached what lessons are there to be learned and how can we learn to trust again?

Whether or not you decide to give the person another chance will of course depend on your relationship and the other party’s ability to admit their betrayal and apologise. You both have to be open about your feelings and discuss what made them act the way they did. Obviously trust has to be earned and can be destroyed very easily – it can take years to build and be destroyed in seconds. It is up to you to decide if you can forgive and give them another opportunity to prove they are trustworthy.

However if you feel that the betrayal is too deep and you have to let the relationship go, then on a soul level you need to understand that betrayal may be a pattern for this person. They had an opportunity to act in a different way with you but sadly, were not yet at a stage in their soul growth where they could. The flip side of betrayal is of course our own boundaries and beliefs. Do you have a history of attracting people who consistently let you down? Do you think all men are liars or that nobody is to be trusted? Be honest here. Our thoughts create our reality and if we believe there are no honest, reliable people out there then all we will attract are liars and people who don’t keep their word. If this rings a bell with you then resolve to change this belief and replace it with a positive one such as ‘I only attract people with the same beliefs in honesty, loyalty and integrity as myself’.

Did you get a bad ‘vibe’ or feel that something wasn’t quite right but ignored it? If this is the case then the soul lesson is to pay attention to what your own psychic intuition is telling you next time. Also, if you have been internet dating for a while but seem to be attracting people who aren’t what their profiles claim, then it may be the universe is telling you something – you’re not going to meet the person you’re looking for on the net! While internet dating works for some people it’s not the answer for everyone. And if you are corresponding with people who work overseas it is always a good idea to read up on common ‘scams’ on dating sites.

As any psychiatrist or profiler will tell you, sadly there are people out there who are so adept at deceiving people they can even fool the professionals and lie detectors. If you are a victim of someone like this then understand there is nothing to be ashamed of. If you have lost money then it is vitally important you set aside any feelings of shame or humiliation and contact the police – otherwise you allow the person to move on to their next victim.

If you feel you will never be able to trust again, remember, you are a person worth getting to know. Value yourself and others will reflect that value. Your friendship, love, support and trust is something people should have to prove they are worthy of. There is nothing wrong with taking time to make sure people are trustworthy and that they continue to respect and value the trust you have placed in them.

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