The Brain In Our Heart – Feelings And Reality

Are you ruled by your heart or by your head? In our society we tend to believe we are deferring to one or the other with of course, the ‘logical’ head being seen as the one to follow. Our ‘gut feelings’ and intuition is dismissed as irrational and considered less important that the intellect and the ‘rational’ mind.

However, since the 90’s many scientists and medical researchers have been quietly discovering that other parts of our body besides our brains have their own intelligence and boast their own neurons, neural pathways and even their own independent nervous systems. Inside our hearts and even our guts, are what science now refers to a ‘little brains’ which communicate with our minds and together these form a comprehensive picture of what we think and feel.

Our ‘gut feelings’ and intuition have played a key role in our evolution and how we perceive our world today. These emotional reactions tell our brain what is going on and this in turn influences our logical thought process, rather than our brain dictating our emotions. For those on a spiritual path this is nothing new. We’ve always known that our heart is the source of our wisdom. However, these recent studies show that what we consider to be ‘consciousness’ is in fact the brain and the body working together. So, if we begin to think of our hearts not just as a pump but as a source of wisdom, this in turn helps us to trust our instincts and go within to make important choices in our life. We have infinite wisdom inside us, if only we take the time to be still and listen. Perhaps it’s time for all of us to ‘quiet the mind’ as we do in meditation and really listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us.

It doesn’t stop there, science is slowly catching up and finding that we are all infinitely connected, our brain and heart can synchronise with each other bringing us into rhythm and our emotions are contagious. What we feel and our energy can spread like a virus from person to person. We are more connected than we could ever dream of and the true reality of changing ourselves to heal the world become clear. Professor Mohamed Omar Salem in his paper The Heart, Mind and Spirit speaks of how this ties into the emerging Quantum view of the universe saying: ‘Possibly further advancement in quantum physics may one day give us further insight into how we can formulate this new model of the heart, mind and spirit.’

As we step into a new consciousness, we have the opportunity to synthesise ourselves and listen to our entire being. The key to our power and knowledge is available if we take the time to get to know ourselves and to love ourselves and each other. The seed of our psychic ability, our evolution and our spiritual awakening is already within us not only individually, but also through our collective consciousness. These ‘new discoveries’ are just the beginning.

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