The 7 Secret Signs to Soulmate Success

So, how can you tell if someone has long term relationship potential and that the connection with them is likely to be on a soul level? Many people spend years if not their entire lives in some cases trying to figure this out. But really it’s not hard if you know what the indicators are that point to a true soul connection.

1: You’ve reached the point in your soul work where you realise soul mates come in all shapes and sizes and that a romantic connection is merely one way we can connect and experience soul growth together. Once you truly understand this you open up the space energetically around you for all kinds of deep soul connections – love included!

2: You accept the person for who and what they are right now – not what they could be. Being with them just feels right. You don’t care about what they do, what they have achieved or what kind of ‘potential’ they may have. You are happy with them just as they are right now. Oh – and by the way – they feel the same way about you.

3: You work through conflicts together. The shocking truth is that someone can be a soul mate and we can have connected with them over many lifetimes – but this does not mean you will not have issues too deal with in your relationship in this one. Many people out there think that if someone is a soul mate then the relationship should be magically free of all disagreements and if it isn’t then this is a sign that the person is not a soul mate after all. They could not be more wrong. Very often, soul mates come together to do some big soul work. A relationship that is free of any kind of conflict is actually stagnant and not evolving. You know it’s a soul mate connection when the other person is willing to work through them with you in an open and constructive manner and is committed to finding a resolution that works for you both. If the person stonewalls, tries to control or becomes abusive in any way, this is a not a sign of a long term soul mate.

4: Having said that – there is minimal drama or none at all. There’s a big difference between working through an issue and getting caught up in the same pattern again and again. Psycho-drama is not usually a sign of a soul mate connection. If you always argue about the same thing, or if you fall into a break-up/make-up/break-up/make-up cycle this is not a sign of a healthy relationship. Little or no drama points to a true soul mate.

5: You both want the same thing. They want the same type of relationship you do. If you are looking for a serious relationship – so are they. A real soul connection meets you on a level playing field. So, if you are looking for something long term but they are telling you they ‘just want to take it one step at a time’ or ‘may settle down one day’ – have the courage and the wisdom to move on.

6: You share the same values. Kindness, honesty and respect being the main ones. A soul mate treats not just you this way, but everyone else they encounter. It’s easy to tell from the very first date if the person you are with has soul mate potential just by observing them and listening to how they talk about people in their lives. Are they polite to the bar or restaurant staff or are they dismissive and unfriendly or acting as if serving them is a privilege? Do they complain a lot? Are things never quite ‘good enough’ for them? Do they tell you stories about people they know which are unkind, disrespectful, exhibit any kind of ‘ism’ – i.e: racism, sexism etc, or that show them ‘getting away’ with something that may be morally ambiguous at best or dishonest at worst? Do they answer your questions honestly and openly? If the person does not share your values – they are not a soul mate.

7: Your soul mate wants to be with you. Here’s the real clincher. The person makes time for you. When something or someone is important to us, no matter how busy our lives are, we make time for it or them. No exceptions. A real soul mate is reliable. They call when they say they will call you. They don’t break dates telling you ‘something has come up’ at the last minute. If it is a true emergency they will usually offer an alternative time to meet right then not fob you off with a vague ‘I’ll get back to you’. The reason? Your true soul mate doesn’t want to lose you.

To return to the first soul mate sign. Our beliefs about soul mates are what either opens the space energetically for them to come through or which keeps them away! We must always come from the place of knowing we have many, many soul mates – not just one. There is no one ‘special person’ that we are going to miss out on. When we understand this on a soul level we are able to walk away from relationships that don’t actually serve our soul growth which we might otherwise have remained in out of fear that there was no-one else for us. Remember – we can have a soul contract with someone which either party can change at any time – so a person can be a soul mate but the contract can be changed once the soul lesson has been learned.

Every connection we have fuels soul growth. Many of these connections will be with soul mates so use this simple checklist to see whether your soul connection has the potential to be a long-term soul mate one.


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