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Here’s the crazy paradox about love – or any other goal we may have for that matter. To get what you want you all ready have to have it. Huh?! I hear you saying. ‘How can that work and by the way I’ve not had a date since the Jurassic era and now you’re telling me I have to have love to get love?’ Okay, let me explain. Of course, you don’t actually have to be in your ideal relationship right now to attract it – you only have to believe you are.

Let me give you an example of how this works. Have you ever had a really scary nightmare and woken up with that sense of immense relief that it was ‘just a dream’? We all have, right? But the thing is while you are dreaming your brain doesn’t know it’s a dream. It feels absolutely real which is why when we wake and realise it was a dream we feel that intense rush of relief to find ourselves safe and warm in bed, right? Well, just like your brain can’t differential between a dream and reality when you are asleep, it can’t differentiate between you being in love for real and you feeling that you are in love – without actually having a partner – yet. This is the basis for all visualisation and Quantum Creating techniques. When we experience something emotionally it changes our energy. Another example would be something that most of us have also experienced when it comes to love. How many of you have been suddenly deluged by prospective lovers the moment you begin a serious relationship? I mean – where were these people all the time you were single? The reason so many of us become love magnets the moment someone comes into our lives is down to one thing – when it comes to energy like attracts like. If you want something in your life you must first have it – or broadcast the emotional frequency that you do.

It’s not as difficult as you may think to begin to send out those signals that tell not only your brain that you have the love you want in your life, but the universe too. Remember – it’s all about how you feel. So, unplug your phone and pick a time when you know you’re not going t be disturbed. Make yourself comfortable – you can sit or lie down i- whatever is best for you because don’t forget – we are about to create the ultimate feel-good emotions for you. Close your eyes and relax. You can start by imagining you are meeting your ideal lover for the first time. Most probably you all ready have a pretty good idea in your mind about how they might look and I really don’t want you to get too hung up on that. What you need to concentrate on is how you feel. You can make a note of where you are when you meet them. What are you wearing? Are you dressed differently or do you look different? Take note of these kinds of details for later. Now, when you catch your new lover’s eye and they smile at you how do you feel? That sense of excitement and anticipation that you may have made a significant new connection – the thrill as they come over and start talking to you – we all know those feelings and those are what you need to stay in touch with.

Now, fast forward a little. You and your new lover exchange numbers. Imagine they call you to arrange a date. Stay with the feeling of excitement this gives you. Visualise in as much detail as possible how the date goes and stay with your emotions. You can jump forward if you want to imagining your new lover saying ‘I love you’ and again, stay with how this makes you feel. When you are ready, you can leave the visualisation but stay with the emotions you felt – you feel amazing, alive and passionately loved-up. Practice accessing this emotional state throughout your day. You are now in your ideal love relationship and the thing is – your brain doesn’t know it’s not yet a reality. Don’t forget – if you saw yourself dressing or looking differently when you did this exercise then adopt this image as it will make it even easier for your brain to accept this new reality of yours.

As you keep connected to your feelings, your energy will shift – often quite quickly so don’t be surprised if those potential lovers suddenly appear out of nowhere! Use the feelings that come up as a compass – they are going to guide you towards the person who will make them 100% real for you and reflect back at you the love you have created inside that is just waiting to become a reality. If you can create it – and feel it – you will have it -believe it or not. That’s the true power of love that you can experience right now.

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