Stand Up For The Love

The other day I was thinking about how wonderful it would be if the most popular musicians sang empowering and positive songs. I have written a few articles about the power and magic of sound and had been thinking about how this must effect us as a whole and especially our children. So much music seems to be pumping out negativity, fear, violence and inhumanity.

If we all expressed our creativity and our skills in a positive and empowering way we would be able to change the vibration of our beliefs and in turn the very world! Imagine my delight when buying a new album by one of the most talked about current musical genius Jessie J to come across this song. I think it is a new song as the video is not out yet only this acoustic version. Let’s help it get to number one as this is one meme that’s worth spreading!

Not since the Black Eyed peas have I heard such fantastic lyrics. What are your most inspiring songs?

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