Spiritual Make Overs: 5 Simple Steps to Get Back on Your Soul Path!

Spiritual Make Overs: 5 Simple Steps to Get Back on Your Soul Path!

I’m sure it doesn’t come as a surprise to most of you when I say that after relationship issues, one of the top reasons for consulting our readers has to do with clients feeling they have lost (or indeed never found) their soul path or purpose. New research has shown than those of us lucky enough to have discovered this live longer and lead happier and more fulfilled lives than those who have quite literally ‘lost their way’. So, it’s no wonder that this issue ranks so highly and that discovering what we are here to do is so important for us.

Very often we find ourselves stuck in a job or career that is just what other people expected us to do. We look back to our childhood dreams of what we thought we would be doing when we were ‘grown up’ and realise that they bear no resemblance to what we have ended up doing. If this all sounds too familiar and if you are wishing that your life could change but are not even sure what form that change should take then read on as I’m about to help you reconnect to your path or purpose.

Notice I say ‘reconnect’. That’s because you came here knowing what this was and all that’s happened is that due to outside influences that made you doubt yourself, you’ve lost touch with this knowledge – and with your authentic self and power to achieve this in the process.  And all this takes is five simple steps. Have your journal ready so you can write down your experiences.


Back to the Future! Think about all the activities which gave you pleasure when you were younger and your dreams of what you wanted to do. Think back and hone in on a few. Your pre-teen years from 9 to 12 are usually particularly rich here.


Connect to your emotions. Think about how you felt when you were engaged in these activities and write down these feelings. Also, write down what you fantasised about being or doing when you became an adult. How did that make you feel back then? Excited? A little daunted but nonetheless filled with energy? How do you feel now reliving those emotions? Are you sad? Filled with regret? Or are you feeling a sudden surge of hope and energy from reconnecting to these dreams?


What was the role you saw yourself playing? Think about this as if you are starring in an alternative movie of your own life. If you believe in the multiverse theory in an alternate universe there could well be another ‘you’ who took this path. Think of this part of the exercise as tapping into their energy. See how their live evolved and also experience emotionally what it is like to actually live this dream.


Write the screenplay for the rest of your life. Now you know the role you were born to play take your journal and open it to a new page. Write on the top of the page ‘I am a . . . (successful business person/landscape gardener/teacher/game designer/dog groomer – whatever your dream is)’. Write it in the present tense as if you are already living your soul purpose. Now comes the fun part – brainstorm all the ways you can think of how you can start to make your soul purpose your reality.


Barn Raise! Understand that life is a collaborative venture and we all need people to barn raise – in other words help us build our dreams from the ground up. Once you have brainstormed on how to achieve your soul path goal and broken it down into the steps you have to take don’t forget to go to people for support and assistance. However, choose these carefully as often if people have lost their own purpose they can feel threatened by someone who is re-discovering theirs. And remember – even taking the smallest step towards our soul purpose fills us with energy as we tap into our authentic selves once more – the authentic self we were when we first had these dreams as a child. You have your dreams for a reason and the reason is to be the person you were always meant to be.





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