Soulmate Or Past Life Relationship?

Ever been in a very intense relationship where you feel you have known that person your whole life? You feel that you know what the person is thinking and feeling, as if there is an emotional cord between you? You could be in a past-life relationship.

When you meet someone that you had a past-life relationship with it often feels as if that person is your soulmate. It feels that you know them , you recognise them, you understand each other and you have a bond even when you’re separate from each other. The fundamental difference between a past-life relationship and a soulmate relationship is that soulmate relationships tend to work. When you meet soulmate, you get on although you may have a few struggles, fundamentally you click and it works. Its a functioning relationship and you have each others best interests at heart.

If its a past-life relationship, often that relationship is hell , you’re getting ecstasy and agony,  you’re getting powerful intensity and a psychic connection. But at the end of the day its often plagued with problems and its seems as though you’re repeating the same relationship over and over again while your weary  soul hopes it will be different. These relationships mimic addiction and not unconditional love. No matter how long you have been apart, one call and you’re hooked.

So why do they happen? Your soul lesson is to heal this and to learn to let go so that you can find a deeper love which nurtures your growth. People find it very difficult to let go of these intoxicating experiences because they feel that they are more real than any other relationship. The irony is that your soul is reliving this so that you can GROW and do things differently. Your soul is trying to heal and show you new strength.

Many past-life relationships are not meant for this life and block us and our happiness. You can have great sex, intense emotional experiences, and big dramas, but it will only ever be a perpetual cycle of disappointment. Its like banging your head against a brick wall and the temptation to do it is like a line of heroin – you’ve got to have it!

When you’re in a past life love relationship it’s very difficult for you to think that its not for you, because it feels as if your life is over if it doesn’t work.  The key to surviving these and letting go is your own relationship with you. You need to love you as much as you expect to be loved. If you are not treating yourself  as precious and looking after yourself, how can the Universe mirror love back? Ultimately it’s about trust in your path and believing that you are worthy of a relationship that is worthy of you! The time has come to heal your soul and know that you deserve to and can have a relationship that nurtures you, a relationship that is equal.  You are a beautiful soul and have the right to a relationship that doesn’t destroy your heart and take away with your self-esteem.

When we do let go of these destructive relationships we make way for a new cycle of miracles and magic. The act of letting go and taking a leap of faith can shift eons of karma, moving us forward into a wonderful new phase that is often beyond our expectations.

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