Soul Mate Attraction in Action!

We all know that Soul Mates are those souls who have the most to teach us and we do our greatest soul learning when we are with them. A soul mate doesn’t have to be a romantic partner but of course, this is the soul mate connection that most of us are searching for. If you are seeking a soul mate when what can you do to send out a signal that you are now ready to meet them and experience a fresh phase of love and soul learning? If you’re ready to do some fearless soul-searching as part of this process, then let’s begin!

Who out there remembers the touching ‘You complete me’ elevator sequence from the film Jerry McGuire? Well, this process is based on that idea. Now, I am not for one moment saying we should be needy or need someone to ‘complete’ us – because neediness is actually the enemy of self-empowerment and true soul connections. And what we’re after is both. But what I am saying here is that have you ever noticed how in so many successful partnerships – whether they are romantic, collaborative or business (these are all soul-mate based partnerships), that very often the people in them ‘fill in’ each others gaps and enhance each other’s strengths? So, on this basis we’re about to do a fearless Soul Audit so you can attract the perfect soul mate who fulfils this role for you. They complete you – and you complete them.

First – take out your journal or a nice piece of paper – not that tatty A4 pad you brought home from the office or that recycled envelope – and write down all your strengths. That’s right. List all your talents and the things you are really, really good at. Now, you don’t have to have a list that reads ‘Run a marathon in two hours, split the atom, irrigate the desert, run my $3 billion internet start-up single handed’ – or they might.  I’m talking about anything and everything from ‘Being a good listener’, ‘Good money managing skills’ to ‘Patient’, ‘Kind’, ‘A good parent’, ‘Hard working’ ‘Organised’ – yes, list achievements and things you are proud of. Really, this is going to be your tribute to you and don’t worry about sounding big-headed because nobody ever needs see this but you.

Now, re-read what you’ve written. Have you left anything out? Have a good think about this and take as long as you want. Congratulate yourself on having achieved so much and completing so much soul learning while doing so. Now, keep that good feeling because here comes the fearless part. Because I want you to list all the things you have difficulty tackling, contemplating doing or even would like to do but have never got around to doing as you’re scared of moving out of your comfort zone. Be truthful because again, nobody need ever see this list except for you. Perhaps your list includes something like: ‘I have lots of ideas but I scatter my energy and end up not doing anything with them’. Or ‘I find it difficult to keep track of my finances and am constantly in the red’. ‘I’m creative but disorganised’ or ‘I wish I was more adventurous as there’s things I’d like to try but I’m too scared of failing/succeeding/looking like an idiot’. Again, list as many as come to mind and take your time.

Don’t judge yourself or beat yourself up. The point to all this is not to criticise yourself but to see the areas in your life where a true soul mate could ‘complete’ you in some way. Spend some time on this apart of the process and above all, think about whether you have been subjective or objective. The idea is to see what you perceive as weaknesses as opportunities for you to grow with a partner who can fill in the gaps. When you are ready, write down the top three issues that you feel represent your greatest challenges. If you aren’t too good at managing your money, someone who is could help you in this area. If you have lots of ideas but either don’t see them through to completion or can’t commit to one, then someone who believes in your talents and who acts as your ‘goal coach’ could be just what you need. Now, take your three top qualities and list them because they are what you are bringing to ‘complete’ the other side of the story – your learning gifts for your soul mate!

Bear in mind what I said that a soul mate can be a friend, a co-worker or boss, a business or activity partner or even an animal as well as a romantic partner. One of the things I’ve found about this exercise is that if you are genuine about wanting to  be in a soul mate relationship in order to move onto your next level of soul growth, then the universe will always respond with a soul mate for you so you can grow together. So get ready for someone who ‘completes’ you on some level – whether its romantically, spiritually or both!


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