Single? Take Three Simple Steps Towards Love

The most popular question people phone our fabulous psychics is to ask about love! As well as having a psychic reading here are some simple steps to help you in your journey.

Most of us who are single usually wish we weren’t. It doesn’t matter what our age, sex or sexual orientation is – we all crave closeness and connection. One of the spiritual truths about finding the love we seek is that it is easier to attract it when we are prepared for it. And I don’t just mean we’re looking our best. We need to be feeling our best on the inside.  It’s a simple fact that we can go out every night in the hope of meeting someone, join every on-line dating site out there, get friends to set us up on blind dates yet still fail to meet the right person unless we have done the preparatory soul work.

The thing about this kind of work is – it’s not difficult and anyone can do it. I’ve broken it down into three simple steps you need to take.

Step 1: Love and respect yourself. Really – it’s that simple. If you don’t value yourself then how do you expect someone to value having you in their life? Cultivate a sense of self-worth. This has nothing to do with how much money you have, what your job title is or what you own. List your achievements – this is not a CV and this can be anything from ‘coping with my marriage breakdown’ ‘raising a family on my own’, ‘moving to a new city when I didn’t know anyone’ to ‘learning how to ice skate at 40’; your inner qualities and your emotional strengths. Look at what you have to offer. When you truly value yourself this is reflected in the kind of relationships you will attract.

Step 2: Don’t panic! Love has a timing all its own. Just like the spiritual saying ‘When the student is ready the teacher will appear’ – well, so will love. Don’t buy into negativity or stereotypes (memes) such as you are too old. Those friends who tell you you’re ‘not getting any younger’. Are you therefore the only person who is aging while everyone else does a Benjamin Button? I don’t think so! Naturalist Alexander Skutch once wrote ‘Faith is a fundamental aspect of all living things’ after observing how birds build their nests before their mate appears. They have faith their mate will show up. Cultivate the same belief that the right person will appear for you at the right point in both your soul journeys and start to live in the moment. This is the point you allow happiness to enter your life as you stop focussing on your lack of a relationship and focus on what you do have right now.

Step 3: Be yourself. Unless you are your authentic self how do you expect to have an authentic love? Pretending to be someone you are not in order to ‘win’ the love of a certain person or being made to feel you are not good enough just the way you are to have the relationship you want (back to Step 1 for you!) is bound to end in disaster. There is someone out there who has been put here just to fall in love with you – warts, foibles and all. And if they don’t love you just the way you are – then sorry – that’s not real love.

These three simple steps – or mindsets as I prefer to think of them, are all we need to do to get ready for real love to enter our lives.

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