Raise Your Love Vibe – Venus and the Second Chakra

If you’re a regular visitor to this site or our sister site  Astrology Knight then you know by now that the planet Venus in astrology rules not only our love life but our bank account, self-worth and self-esteem. If we step back a moment it’s easy to see the connection here. When we value ourselves – the world reflects those values back at us – or not if our self-esteem is lacking.

But astrology – and Venus for that matter, is about more than just horoscopes but impacts on other areas of our lives – including the chakra system. When we look at the chakra system in the human body many people focus on the heart chakra – the fourth chakra which sits between the three lower (which represent our link to the physical world, our ego and our creativity) and the three higher chakras which link our mind, spirit and soul to the universe. The heart chakra is seen as the bridge between these – where love seeks to reconcile them. However, when it comes to raising our love and attraction ‘vibe’ as opposed to our ability to give love, it is the second chakra we need to be concentrating on and this is also ruled by the planet Venus.

Creativity, love and money are all Venus and second chakra ruled themes. They are all part of the same energy and this energy is all about passion and abundance. The second chakra is actually located about two inches below your belly button and in Sanskrit is called Svadisthana which means ‘your own place or base’. It is associated with the colour orange and is where our creative energy resides, It is also where love begins – like the 5th house in astrology rules romance. Love of what we do begins here and of course, loving what we do and following our passion is the key to living an abundant life!

So, if you want to ‘raise your love vibe’ in order to attract in either that special someone, more money or abundance on any level, how can this chakra help us? When we meditate on the second chakra by imagining a beautiful orange water lily or spinning wheel we are directly linking to its energy. This can really jump start our subconscious mind which responds by showing us ways we can love and support ourselves first and that is by working on our self-worth. Because this chakra rules ‘your own place’ – in other words who we are, we begin to appreciate ourselves more. As we do, we start to act in ways that support ourselves. When we feel supported and worthwhile we become independent both emotionally and financially – and because we are no longer ‘needy’ this leads to us making good emotional choices.

We also become more invested in our own talents and abilities and start to value them. As our confidence increases we are less concerned whether or not we are coming across like others but instead realise our power lies in us being – well – us.

As we tap into this unlimited resource of self-love energy an incredible thing starts to happen. The energy we put out there – our ‘love vibe’ changes and we begin to attract people who are tuned into a similar vibe – in other words they also are tuned into their own second chakra power (whether they know it or not), and are on a similar path to us. As we express our creativity in whatever our unique way is, the energy starts to move up from the second chakra and into the third and from there into the fourth. When this happens, then when love arrives (which it will) it is more likely to be a fulfilling rather than a frustrating experience for us!

Wearing something orange, lighting orange candles, bringing the colour orange into your home are all ways you can continue to connect to this energy if you don’t have time to meditate.

So, love and value yourself, express your creativity as this is the means by which your soul expresses itself here on Earth and know that as you do, you’re continually raising your ‘love vibe’ and broadcasting you’re ready to receive abundance in all areas of your life.

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