Manifesting Abundance: A Special Festive Season Message from Michele

Manifesting Abundance

A Special Festive Season Message from Michele

As the festive season approaches it’s all too easy to get caught up in the commercialism that seems endemic with the holidays. We tend to forget the important message behind this time. We instead focus on the materialistic side of things. For example, what we may desire in terms of presents and what others expect us to give them. But do we really need this end-of-year orgy of shopping and extravagance to remind us of what giving and true abundance really is?

If you’re like me then you most probably get a bigger buzz watching someone you care about opening a gift. One you have put love and thought into than you do opening your own gifts. It’s often not about how much you may have spent on the gift either. It could be that inexpensive but hard-to-find item that you know they’ve wanted. So you spent hours trawling the internet to find it. It could be something you picked up in a flea market or charity shop. Something you knew nonetheless was perfect. Or something you spent hours making. Alternatively, it could be something they couldn’t afford but always wanted and you saved hard to surprise them.

The look on their face when they see it makes it the best money or use of your time that you ever spent. It’s all about joy and the feelings we can give someone rather than the money we spend. This is what giving is truly about – sharing what you have with someone.


Sharing is linked to abundance. The more we share the more we send a message to the universe that we have plenty TO share – we are leading abundant lives. The universe responds by then sending us more abundance! Remember, abundance doesn’t necessarily equate to how much money you have in the bank or how much you can spend on presents this year. It can be sharing a special meal with friends in your home. Sharing your time and resources, volunteering over the holidays, making your own presents which you wrap in your essence and creativity – not thinking ‘I’m so broke I can’t afford presents’.

When people ask me how they can manifest a more abundant lifestyle I always ask them what they are giving right NOW to attract it. It’s all about energy – if you want more then share more of whatever you have – even if your only present to others is the present of your presence during the holidays. Remember, you are the ultimate unique gift! This is what the holidays and the key to manifesting abundance for you and those you care for is all about.




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