Maifesting Love – A Date To Create Love

Many of our clients want a psychic reading about love. I thought I would write a few articles on how to manifest love, improve love and bring love into your life! In a relationship but stuck in a rut? Spinning your wheels in a job you don’t like or blocked creatively? If you’re waiting for Prince/ess Charming to ride in and sweep you off your feet to solve your problems or for your current frog to turn into one, then waiting just isn’t the answer. Neither is sitting waiting for inspiration to strike or for your true soul calling to be magically revealed.

If it’s been a while since there’s been any magic or romance in your life then what you need is to go on a date – with yourself. It doesn’t matter what kind of changes you’re looking to manifest in your life but treating yourself as you want a lover or indeed the world, to treat you can be empowering, make you appreciate yourself, change the energy you are putting ‘out there’ when it comes to attracting who or what you want, and above all – be fun! After all, if you’re not prepared to treat yourself to a little romance and joy then how do you expect someone else to? The world reflects the value we put on ourselves.

In her book The Artists Way, Julia Cameron recommends we take ourselves on an ‘Artists date’ once a week to put us in touch with our creativity. But we don’t have to consider ourselves artists to get the benefit of this practice although if we are creatively blocked it’s a great way to get the creative process going again.

Have a think about what the perfect date would consist of for you. Imagine someone going to a lot of trouble to take you somewhere you would love to visit. Organising an activity that would put a smile on your face and spending time with you doing the things that would make you happy. Now, go to your diary and write in it several dates over the next month to start to do these things. You are going to have a date with love – self-love!

Make sure you take your dates with yourself seriously – just as you would if you were going on a romantic date with someone special. If you’re going on an outdoor activity then take anything you would need or like to have with you. A small picnic, your camera perhaps. Plan your route to include the sights you’d like to stop and see. Perhaps your date is to try a new restaurant or visit someplace you’ve wanted to see or return to? Get dressed up as if you were meeting someone special. You are – yourself! And don’t be tempted to cancel or stand yourself up either. You wouldn’t do that to a real date now, would you?

Every time we give ourselves self-love we boost our self-worth because we remind ourselves that we are worthy of love. The universe then starts to reflect this new view of ourselves. And by getting in touch with what you enjoy doing you’ll reconnect to lost parts of yourself which can help with inspiration and career issues.

It’s one of the great paradoxes of life that in order to get something, you already have to have it. If you’re looking to bring romance into your life then going on a date with yourself makes you appreciate all you have to offer a partner. When we feel attractive we attract – it’s that simple! So plan your ideal date with yourself and chances are you soon won’t be just dating on your own.

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