The ultimate love healer

Whether you’re single and looking for your soul mate or already in a relationship and want to boost the amount of love you get to experience, you can combine ancient wisdom and modern magic into one big irresistible package!

The following are the most powerful processes you can harness in a nutshell.  If you want to read more about any one particular technique, follow the page links.

Clear the path

You’ll often hear people talking about ‘blocks’, but what are they – and what can you do to shift them?

Blocks to drawing in or boosting the love you get to experience include the energy that we can carry from past hurts and the beliefs that we can either develop or pick up that stand in the way of us and all the love that exists in the universe. Past hurts might include the ending of old relationships where you were left heartbroken.  Beliefs can range from ‘I don’t deserve love’ to ‘there aren’t any decent people out there’. You can dissolve all of these by tailoring your own rituals using a combination of cord cutting and fire cleanses (done under the strictest safety circumstances!).

Cutting cords

Attachments to other people can take shape energetically through cords that attach us through the quantum soup to others.  If you feel that you can’t ‘let go’ of someone, take time when you won’t be disturbed, close your eyes and focus your intention by taking in and exhaling three deep breaths.  Visualise that other person at a safe distance (as safe as you want it – you can have them a million miles away and this will still work!) and see if you can notice any thick or thin cords that run between you both.  In your mind, say, ‘I release you with love for the highest good of all’ and imagine something such as a knife or scissors cutting through those cords.   Some people like to summon celestial help – Archangel Michael is the angel who can use his sword to sever any bonds.  No matter how this person has hurt you or what they have done, it’s best to release them with love for them and, most importantly, for you.  Bless them, send them on their way, which leaves you free to go yours, thank Archangel Michael if you have asked for his help, slowly bring yourself back and open your eyes.

Fire rituals

If you have access to somewhere you can safely light a fire, such as an open grate or fire pit in the garden, you can use this to literally burn away the old.  You can burn a letter to the universe about what you want to release.  If you are trying to release a person or a past event, write out all of the pain, anger, grief or whatever it is you are feeling.  Write until you get to a place of peace and end it expressing your gratitude that this has now been lifted from your life.  Write out any beliefs that limit your ability to attract love. You can burn all of these on the fire.  You can also burn anything that represents what you are trying to release such as photographs or small mementos.  You can throw a handful of sage into the fire as it is fantastic for cleansing.  When the fire is out and cold, scatter or bury the ashes.  If you don’t have anywhere that you can safely light a fire, you can do the whole thing through visualisation just as effectively.

Attract and boost

Now that you’ve cleared your path, you can turn your attention to attracting love into your life and boosting the love that you have. Get clear on what you want change your thinking so that you can give and receive all of the love that is already flowing in this abundant universe.  Fall in love with you so that you are a whole person looking for a whole person, rather than hoping that someone else will complete you.  It’s also important to understand the real nature of love, otherwise we can end up recreating past patterns that didn’t work or searching for what we think is love but is actually just an addiction. We are all psychic and can pick up what others truly feel about themselves which creates a force field of truth, loving you attracts love. Crystal magic Rose quartz crystal is linked with unconditional love and the heart chakra.  You can buy crystals of any size.  Cleanse them, then put them around your home (especially in the bedroom), carry one with you, put some in your bath or leave one in water overnight and drink the water the next day to take in its magical properties.

Take a Tarot Journey

Connecting with The Empress can awaken you to your power as a woman, The Lovers can help you harness powerful energy from the archetypes they represent. On a more everyday level, the Ace of Cups and the Two of Cups may lead you to some fascinating insights!

Quantum Create

If you Ask and Believe, you can receive! Conjure up love with a new moon energy for a maximum boost. Each of these alone can deliver a dose of powerful transformation, but when woven together create a huge attraction field.  Let me know how you get on!

Sending you love, Michele x

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