Let Love Into Your Life in Four Easy Steps!

Let’s face it – it doesn’t matter whether we are experiencing a romantic love connection or not – love is the one commodity all of us want to increase in our lives. However, if you have been single for a while and wanting to change this, there are always ways you can start to open up and let love flow so let’s not waste time and get to the heart of the matter – quite literally. In Sufism the way to enlightenment is through the heart and it’s no coincidence that the heart chakra is the middle one – the one that bridges the ego or will with the spiritual. Therefore opening up to love means opening up to spiritual truth – when we create a meaningful connection with the universe we begin to create more meaningful connections for ourselves with the people around us – and that includes potential partners.

American psychologist Abraham Maslow developed a theory of a hierarchy of human needs that we are all motivated by. Once the most basic are satisfied we move on to the next level but we cannot move up until we have met our needs at the previous level first. These are Physiological – food, water; Safety – a roof over our heads; Love; Esteem – in other words something that we can demonstrate competence and independence at and lastly Self-Actualisation – a fulfilment of what we believe our soul path or destiny to be. Dr. Paul Hauck another US psychologist has expanded on Maslow’s work and having counselled thousands of individuals and couples and says that inviting love into our lives requires more than kindness, patience and tolerance. The conventional idea of ‘romance’ that is constantly reinforced by the media can in fact undermine our search for and ultimate acquisition of love. First he says we need to ask ourselves why we have to be loved in a romantic way? Are you only a unique and wonderful human if you are in a love relationship? Or are you that unique soul whether you are single or coupled-up? And if things don’t work out does the loss of your partner make you any less than you are – or any less loveable for that matter? Dr. Hauck says ‘Rejection is painless unless you make it hurt. If you insist that you have turned into a nobody because your lover has rejected you, then you never had much of an ego to begin with.’ Or to put it another way – you didn’t love yourself very much.

Respecting and loving yourself and being your own best friend leads to you attracting not only the right kind of potential lovers – but the right kind of people right across the board. It’s easy to forget all relationships are love relationships.

Ready to move up a level to attract more love into your life? Here are four easy steps to get you going.

1: Love and support yourself. Be your own best friend, Appreciate your qualities and what you have to offer – and that includes utilising your talents and skills.

2: Follow your soul path by working towards a career that satisfies you. Not only will this boost your self esteem but financial independence leads to emotional independence which allows you to make the right choices when it comes to choosing a partner.

3: Understand that your talents and skills no matter what area they lie in, money and love are all part of the same energy. In astrology they are ruled by Venus and the second house. In the chakra system they are ruled by the second chakra. So – in developing your skills and following your soul path and being rewarded for this you are actually increasing your ‘love’ energy!

4: Expressing your talents or what you have come here to do is the way your very soul expresses itself – this is spiritual work of the highest order! This raises your energy out of the second chakra and on into the third – which governs our self-esteem – raising that love vibe even further!

By understanding the connections between our uniqueness and our quest for love we can then attract a more fulfilling love experience – while fulfilling our reason for being here in the first place. By loving who you are and what you’ve come here to do you become love – and just attract more in the process!


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