6 Keys To Karmic Relationships

6 Keys To Karmic Relationships

Breaking free of karmic relationships

When you meet someone you have a karmic connection with, a spark of recognition ignites in your soul. You’ll feel a haunting familiarity, a sense of having come home, a longing for something not quite remembered.
You might recognise their face, name or the sound of their voice, or you may intuitively know you have met before. If this person is a potential lover, these feelings are magnified, giving the whole relationship a compulsive, alluring intensity. You’ll feel a connection that goes way beyond what you actually say and do together. Something profound appears to be bubbling away under the surface.

Familiar old patterns

Unfortunately, just because something is familiar, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for you. You might feel comfortable in situations that are actually very limiting, just because that’s what you’re used to. If you have low self-esteem you may feel more ‘at home’ with people who perpetuate that myth around you because that’s how you’re used to seeing yourself. Unconsciously this might feel much safer to you than the terrifying unknown beyond your own self-imposed walls.

If you have karma to resolve in a close relationship you may be sucked into a whirlpool of repetitive past patterns and behaviour that appears to have very little to do with your conscious wishes and actions. But because you know the pattern, you’re compelled to repeat it.
Making new patterns takes much more effort – and brings unsettling change. It could mean you have to look at yourself in a new light, which can feel daunting. What if you are not who you thought you are? Friends and family may feel threatened by you changing, and oppose it because it brings to light things they need to break free from in their own lives.

Love versus karma

Discovering whether you’re caught in a karmic emotional rollercoaster is actually quite easy to do. Real love should be a peaceful, beautiful experience filled with mutual respect, joy and space to grow. If you’re hynotised by someone who controls, mistreats or lies to you, but whom you still refuse to believe would deliberately hurt you – you’re in a karmic relationship. You might have incredible sex, and feel like they know you better than you know yourself. But you also have terrible cathartic fights and say unforgivable things to each other. You feel like you experience life more intensely through them, for better or worse.

The karmic recognition falsely tricks you into feeling that your destiny is tied up with this person. It feels fated. And, yes, it is, as you have possibly encountered each other hundreds of times before in various guises. And the reason he or she keeps coming back is that you could not find a way to resolve your past issues. So why should this time be any different? Because this time you have the potential to understand that your karmic relationship is teaching you a lesson that could transform your life for the better!

Acceptance and realisation

One of the first things to accept if you’re in a karmic relationship is that you are actually in one. You’re not a fool to have mistaken the intense feelings you’re experiencing as love, or felt that you are bound together in an inevitable dance with someone who is controlling you like a puppet.
Karma has to be compelling and addictive, otherwise you wouldn’t learn anything from it. Its only purpose is to teach, so you can become more whole.

Your friends and family will have already pointed out that they don’t understand why you put up with your karmically-challenged person’s attitude or behaviour. And perhaps, intellectually, you know they’re right. But in your heart you’re probably still a slave to the beast.
The great news is that as soon as you start to consciously acknowledge the truth of your fated relationship, the mask will slowly slip, and you will see them for who they truly are. You’ll soon come to realise what the people who really do care for you see so plainly – that it’s not really love.

Your own path

This is one lesson you have to learn on your own. Everyone goes through it at some time, and your path is unique, created by your own personal karmic debts.
Although it can be a lonely place to be, the miracles that will happen when you take charge of your own destiny will amaze you.

Tackling your personal fears and negative patterns has the potential to completely re-wire your spiritual life path. It is also important to recognise the other person in the relationship as a powerful force in your life. They are teaching you a valuable lesson, one that could free you from an endless loop of negative behaviour.

Next time around

To break the pattern, one of you needs to evolve. But if that seems impossible at the moment, don’t be too hard on yourself. Though staying in an abusive relationship of any sort will erode your self-esteem, and drain your energy to deal with it at all. Speak out and get help if you can.
Karma can be painful – but as you learn more about your life, through both your wonderful and painful experiences, you will grow wiser and more whole, and the pain will ease.

Just being aware of the karmic nature of the partnership will lessen its power over you. And if things don’t get resolved, you can choose to put it back on the spiritual shelf for now. Of course this means you’ll have to go through it all again… but in another life, perhaps by then you’ll have accumulated enough good karma and positive energy to slay your demons once and for all!

Never again!

If you are feeling brave enough, take charge of your karmic debts in this life. You’re in for a soul-changing experience. Because once you assert yourself, or take charge of the situation in a conscious way, you’ll feel the burden slowly lift. Communicating your needs and wishes, not tolerating unkindness, sticking up for your opinions and beliefs, and most importantly, forgiving yourself, will melt those binding karmic ties into oblivion.
Once you have learned your lesson you will know in your heart that you will never have to deal with that particular piece of karma again. The person who had you spellbound will begin to look like an ordinary human being, and you’ll become master of your own destiny.

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  1. I had this with my ex 5 years ago. I just saw something in his eyes and that was it, intense passion, intensely good times and also some of the lower in my life. I was unhealthy and he was very authoritive and I was really scared (though I didn’t know it)to be my true self. Wee broke up…very messy. He moved on in mere weeks and I grieved like I’ve never felt before. I learnt so much about myself hough hat break up and it really taught me that the only way through pain is through it, and so I learnt a lot about the art of coping and self love, whilst he was trying to distract himself. The hurt a lot.
    I then started to learn lessons through other people, I started to experience relationships where I got to wear the other shoe and really understand a bigger picture. I started to be able to put boundaries on place and speak my truth, to be able to decipher between my crap and other people’s. And so I started to attract more mature grown up relationships.

    Throughout the years he has messaged me, usually giving me the eyes because he wants to get back together. And everutile my heart is in my stomach and I feel that heartbreak all over again and start to think…what if?

    Eventually years of running from his problems are catching up and I think he’s starting to realise he needs to change some perspectives. But still he tries to pursue me and even after all these years part of me loves him and wants to help him, but I know he’s not ready and I would just be another distraction.

    It’s really hard, and I want to cut my karmic debt. Do I have to leave him behind or can I just continue with my spiritual growth?

    I can give him the hard truth, but it seems like he has to work it out himself and I don’t know that my words would really help. I’d really appreciate advice from somebody.

  2. I’ve been in a few karmic relationships. Eventually I end it because my freedom is stripped completely the longer I stay connected. Now I’m wondering why it continues with every new potential partner. I see the signs again and again. Do I have to have them break up with me? that’s difficult because controlling people never end relationships even if you begin to speak up for yourself. they are manipulative and possessive and see you as their property. if I leave it up to them we will never be apart. this is a tricky one still. Apparently I haven’t evolved enough to break the vicious karmic cycle. Working on me deeper….

  3. I am leaving a karmic relationship, lesson learned. It was the strangest thing, I was drawn to him like a magnet, the attraction was unreal, and the vibration of his voice…i could feel his energy. I kept thinking the whole relationship, I know better then to put up with this, but could not get away. Its like I knew him for a thousand years. The energy pull was strong. I broke up with him a thousand times, and would purposely go out where i knew he would not be, (and no, theres not way he knew I was there) then he would walk in. We both kept saying this is the universe throwing us together. What a nightmare, and my heart is broken, it was a deep love.

  4. I’m actually in a Karmic relationship and never thought this could happen to me but I do the lesson however, this is extremely hard to break away and I have done a lot of healing work on myself and it seems like while I was on healing journey I encountered this person. I’m just feel so connected to him and doesn’t any feelings for me except on physical he talks about how great sex is yet has never kissed me once. Because I recognize this energy am I working on purging myself from this.

    1. I’m with you 110% on this! Same situation, good luck and may everything work out in the best way possible :)

    2. Hi Mary My name is Brandy and I know what you mean. Same thing for me as well, I think the goal is to understand what draws you to these relationships and what patterns you see that need to change. Also what kind of person are you and who you are dealing with. For instance when I was with my ex we had an on again off again relationship for five years and although we loved each other, it became jarringly clear that he and I had personalities that are so different that we saw the world through night and day. He would always say he liked to focus on the negative because the negative helps him prepare for the problems that may arise. He also had a lot of “faith” while I believed your actions are more important than your faith because your behavior shows what you believe. I don’t believe Jealousy equals love. He believed that Jealousy/controlling was a form of love. I was extremely messy he was very neat. He was even years older than me. So basically, our relationship was different and traumatic due to our different personalities, as well as way of life and thought patterns. Not all was negative however, after on and off again over five years I finally realized why it wasn’t working between us no matter how much it was wanted. In my mind’s eye I saw a cycle of behavior patterns between us both that had a cause and effect in the relationship. The relationship always seemed Fresh in the beginning and then as time went on it would feel like a dark intense cloud was brooding over head. The longer we stayed, the darker and more intense the cloud became. So much so, that it would push us apart. This last time I realized that I’d done a lot of growing and maturing since meeting this man. The things that I had not allowed in previous relationships I allowed in this one. When I noticed they were bad I started to speak out. It was difficult, however, I voiced my opinion and my thoughts. I learned to stand up for myself, no longer needing someone to do it for me. Basically, a Karmic relationship is there to teach you more about yourself than anything. When you are in a relationship with an individual who does not see the real you because they can’t seem to understand the real you, it makes a lot of time for self improvement because what happens is you begin to question both them and yourself. They force you to truly think about what it is you want and need in a relationship. They also force you to see the truth about what you are doing in the one you are in and what areas you have improved on and what areas you need to improve on and what you intend to do different next time. I know that for me there are things that must be there from the get go. I have a big intolerance for a lack of manners concerning privacy and how you treat people. I have certain characteristics in me that I know I need in a partner. He doesn’t have to be exactly the same as me, but he definitely has to have some characteristics I have internally. I cannot deal with a man who’s insecure while we are together. I cannot deal with a man who doesn’t respect boundaries internally. If he doesn’t respect boundaries, he doesn’t respect you. I can’t deal with a man who cheats or abuse a woman no matter what kind of abuse. I can’t deal with a man who is unable to express himself to me in a mature way. I know 100 percent I can’t deal with a man who absolutely refuses to address conflicts, which leads to stone walling. They will not call you back for days due to their “Anger”, That’s one of the strongest signs they don’t respect you or truly love you when they are willing to do that. Some people love you for what you can do for them. Basically Mary while you are single take the time to really reflect your previous relationships and everything you have learned from them and how you are going to do things different in your next one. You should be able to stay clear of the kind of people you don’t want in your life. You have to be proactive when selecting an individual to be with. Not everyone that approaches you should be in your life. That’s how you change things. Do things differently.

    3. You have to figure out what made you make that choice. It had alluded me for years why I was always having relations with men who didn’t really care about me and just having sex. I realized that I wanted love and when ever I got depressed or sad, I would go looking and searching for someone to have relations with and end up pregnant and having a child. I realized that I needed someone to comfort me and tell me they loved me so I would make those decisions. When I realized what I was doing, I stopped. I made a vow to never do that again, go looking for something to fill the void I felt. I had learned at an early age that sex was the solution for my issues. It was the only thing I knew. I had been sexually assaulted as a young teenager, by a man twice my age. I never reported it, never took control over the situation, just let the guilt and fear consume me. I thought for some reason it was my fault he did that because I didn’t tell the first time after it happened. He continued to do this for years. I kept it to myself. I remember the last time giving a half hearted fight, but being submissive in the end. The man who did this took my virginity. I was 13 at the time. All of the relationships I’d ever had were abusive in one form or another. I even had abused myself by allowing the men to treat me any which way the wanted and allowing them to control what happened to my body and when. I would feel ashamed for doing it and then repeat the process. However, When I met my ex five years ago, I made a lot of the same choices in the beginning of our relationship. Halfway through the relationship I began to change. I started focusing more on me and why I wasn’t happy. I started reading up on trauma and relationships and personality types and how these types communicate. I began to express myself way better than I had in the past and throughout the relationship. My thinking started to expand and I realized the only person’s happiness I was responsible for was my own. I also realized I needed to forgive myself for what I had done by not protecting myself and saying something as a teenager. I realized that through forgiveness, all of the hatred I felt for me started to disappear. I began to see my value. When I did I started to say no. When ever I did it would create conflicts in the relationship. He would withdraw, I would withdraw. Eventually, I began to take note of something. This happened this time in the end of the relationship. We broke up a good week and a half ago. I realized that he and I seemed to do better away from each other than together. We both are happier and more settled energy. Every time he and I split up, it would be hard because the energy with each other was so strong, it literally felt binding. I could feel the coils of energy dissipating from my body over time when ever we were apart. For a good five months it would last and then I would get this deep pain in my chest and miss him so much that I would go back. However, this time before we broke up, I felt a deep pain in my chest while at work. The relationship had not been the same when we came back together this last time. Things were different. I’m not the type of person who gets jealous or mistrustful of a man. I’m very trusting however, this day at work I felt a sharp pain hit my heart and I immediately thought he’d been with someone else. I kept it to myself because my heart told me that it would all come to head in due time. I didn’t say anything to him. Just one day we got into an argument over something so simple and I kept telling him it wasn’t anything that should cause him to blow up the way he did. I didn’t yell, didn’t scream, I just explained that nothing was changing. Anyway, he decided to remove his things from my house. I asked for my key back and what started out as a simple request ended up in a break up. As I process everything now, I am not angry, I don’t regret it and I understand fully that sometimes it’s best to say goodbye. It’s best to let go because you don’t want to be where you shouldn’t. Relationships that stay past their expiration date usually end up turning into something they shouldn’t, if only both people are willing to admit it’s time to move on. I understand and know it’s time to move on but right now, I’m really enjoying me time. I’m just absorbing all of the information that was gathered. I know they say that you have to love yourself before you love someone else. What if loving someone else showed you how to love yourself? Think about it, you learn more when you interact with people versus when you are alone. If you are the type to do some internal work you realize your strengths and weaknesses and what you need to do. I’m not saying go from relationship to relationship but if anything take knowledge from the prior relationship. Learn to forgive, learn to let go. Learn to be happy and enjoy what ever stage you are in at life. It’s my time to really process and accept the lessons that were given from that relationship. I honestly believe God has a mate for me, which is why I have gone through so much and gained so much insight. I am a believer that if you feel a desire for a mate, it’s because God put it there and nothing is in trial or error with him. We are beings meant to interact and love one another on more than a surface level. We were put here to truly vibe and learn from each other. Learn from ourselves as well. It’s no accident there is a human race and there are male and female. We were put here for each other. There’s nothing wrong with that. We just have to open our minds, hearts and souls to experience life at it’s fullest. Whether single or married or cohabiting. We are here for each other.

  5. This article is really helpful for me, thank you! I believed the person was my Twin Flame because the transformation was rapid in me & not to mention all of the signs & synchs, but I have come to learn & believe that is more a Karmic connection & to trust my intuition which has never been wrong. We also have Chiron aspects in Synastry chart. My wounds trigger his wounds & its a constant battle.

  6. I’m going through this right now. My karmic relationship is with a man who is my best friend. I am too attached easily and he was the best boyfriend I ever had. Then the real him showed up. It’s hard for him to let go… of anyone he currently treats me so bad and I k k it’s a karmic relationship but it’s so intense so crazy so roller coaster now I’m realizing that it’s time. But he wont let go. Such a tortured soul he is my heart bleeds and aches for him. I’m scared to leave him alone for fear that no one can understand or love him like I. So it’s such a dilemma. My emotional happiness or his?

  7. I am finally starting to feel like myself again after the traumatic karmic bond I had with my ex Nathan. I have never felt such pain in my life, that man shook me to my core. Talk about a love hate, cognitive dissonance that I had for this man. I couldn’t stand him but I couldn’t stay away from him. I tried, and then he would come back, and I couldnt resist. I finally had the courage to completely block him, and he ended up moving. I still think about and feel him, I started to meditate and realized how much energy work I needed to do

  8. I’ve been on and off with a Gemini 3 times. As soon as I thought it was over for good, I found myself falling back in love with him, and the feelings were intense. Whenever Im with him I feel things differently, think differently and do things differently. I only realised this today after grounding myself to Earth. I do love him and the sex is breathtaking, but everything else is either overwelmingly blissful or extremely distructive. We are back together again for the 4th time. Its hard to make him realise that he is worthy, because currently he can’t see himself with anyone else and doesn’t want to even try being with anyone else. He does love me and I do love him but our view on love is vastly different. (Taurus and Gemini)

  9. The roller coaster of the on and off completely sucked. If I never have another relationship like this, it will be too soon. Though I broke it off 3 times (and was upset there was no 4th, which is ridiculous) the grip it had on me, the invisible pull, was so painful. I never understood why I had to go through it, I never saw my lesson and didn’t get why we couldn’t get the stupid things that don’t matter settled. Worst experience of my 40’s and I avoid anything to do with the man like the plague.

  10. I am currently letting go of my person, my karmic relationship. It has definitely been a ride. A beautiful ride. I was never mistreated, verbally or physically. We just have this connection. This love. It’s mind blowing. But it’s time. And the universe has helped me, and has given me the resources and tools ps to fully understand and let go. I am still in process, and it’s truly heart freak, for me. But I also have good days, and I can see that this is right. I know I will always love this man, and I am okay with always loving him, but it can’t be. I’m just excited to get where I need to be, and see what’s coming!

    1. I have the same experience. However struggling with accepting I might always love this person as I really dont want to. I can’t seem to let go. Would love to know how you are doing this

      1. Letting go C is very hard. What’s helped me is watching psychics on YouTube. Check DivineFsith Tarot and/or Brightstar Tarot. Faith describes karmic stuff well. You’ll have to blice, delete and stay away.

  11. I have a karmic relationship with someone I barely know. A potential lover. Someone who feels like home to me, but who remains just out of reach. I go through a myriad of emotions for this person, fully aware of my tendency to fantasize about this person. At first wanted sex. Then intimate relationship. Then friendship. Mind you this is all my internal process. He has no idea. I feel bad about myself like I am not good enough to be with this person. I am unworthy blah blah blah. So much stuff comes up for me to analyze as I reflect off this person. So weird. I def relate to the habitual patterning mentioned in this article. The Habitual self loathing or lack of self love. It is very uncomfortable, these lessons. I don’t know how to change. Thanks for the article. It has def shed some light into darkness.

  12. If this is our own karmic lesson from a past-life or this current life, and we deal with it graciously then the karma should be resolved. But, my question is does the other person get karmic debt for what they are doing to us?

    1. I truly believe that we ourselves asked these souls to help us learn something that we need to learn in this life before we incarnated in our physical bodies. It’s actually not something bad that they do to us. It’s a great gift although it doesn’t seem that way if you’re still going through it.
      I know I am. It’s incredibly intense and painfull. But of course it is and it has to be. Othervise it wouldn’t catch our attention and we wouldn’t learn anything.
      As @Virginia (Ginny) Reese wrote It’s not just them It is you as well. Maybe in your last life you were in opposite sides of this situation.

      Well here’s how I truly believe it happens.

  13. I have experienced this…And someone who is very special to me. Is going through this now.you can break free of this relationships..It can be a very difficult and sometimes long process. Going through physical, mental &verbal abuse..Is very draining, tiring on the soul. Once you truly see. That person, for who he or she is. It’s like awaking from a deep sleep…You have to find, the strength within. To overcome, it. Out of Chaos. Comes order.
    We are here to learn and expand our consciousness. Anything else is secondary. Peace, Love & Light to everyone…;)

  14. I believe I just finished this relationship. When you meet this person it feels like their is a soul connection. You will feel it. They will display an odd array of behavior. Behavior that does not mesh with yours. You will love them but not as easy as other relationships. It may be a tug of war between you. One may love the other more. When you finally see the reality of the situation it will hurt you and it may take more than once to finally be done but it’s worth it when you Know and understand its not meant to last. My relationship was messhed with intense feelings from the get go. A up and down pattern.

  15. Wonderful piece. I had a karmic relationship with my second husband. Took me 15 years to figure it out. It taught me a lot. And just like you said , your blinded at first then once you realize you have so much control over your destiny. we’re good friends now. Exactly what you describe, abuse and All. I rarely comment on posts, but this one felt close to my heart. Thank you.

  16. Also is it possible to be in a karmic relationship that is not draining or abusive but on the contrary enriches you (for a short time anyway) then leaves you feeling void when it’s over,however this isn’t exactly that the other person was deliberately negative or difficult but “hurt” you without intending or even realizing?

  17. Is it possible to heal our karmic relationship and still meet this soul in a next lifetime only minus the negative aspect,as in this time being in harmony,or is it over once you both realize it’s a karmic relationship and work things out,meaning your souls will never encounter each other again?

  18. what if outside forces ( people) get in the way of the relationship? is it considered as a karmic one… i had an amazing relationship (intimacy, trust, sharing,fun times, deep and mutually supportive connection) with a foreigner but his family opposed it from the beginning. in his country approval of the family is paramount if you want to be serious and marry. When he told them they flat out refuse but we still continued seeing each other on/off for a hear and a half. Several times he broke up because he could not handle family pressure ( they wanted him to marry someone of their origin).We always got back together mainly at my initiative. He moved back to his family 5 monts ago and at the same time i took a job opportunity somewhere else. I cannot let him go. I am convinced it is the same for him. We broke off communication 5 months ago, recently i sent him a blank email and he replied to it asking for news. he said he just got married (arranged marriage). he said it has been very challenging in the personnal and work area. Now we are exchanging emails, but don’t really talk about his personnal situation . Is it a karmic relationship?I cannot get out of my head that we are meant to be despite all those obstacles.

    thank you for your time

    1. wow its similar to mine situation and I feel it always outside force will make difference in such situation and make life miserable.

  19. this is exactly what i am going through to the letter i know my patterns and the cycle i tried to break free a few times to no avail. this relationship is mental anquish and emotional, it is tough as hell however i must conquer this to be free of this because i am the master and lord of my life and this is relationship is very disturbing i am not a believer in karma or past lives however i am going to have to take any look because something at the core level of myself is going on :) thank you for the article

  20. This post is troubling to me! Troubling cause not one mention of the spiritual aspects of how no matter what higher power or “GOD” you believe in is mentioned. Usually when someone speaks on a subject this powerful and fails to mention the spiritual aspect it has deceit written all over it. It’s meant to attract the feeble & weak cause it prays in their inability or knowledge to connect with a higher power. Note “The definition of karma is a word meaning the results of a person’s actions as well as the actions of themselves. It is s term about the cycle of cause and affect. According to the theory of karma, what happens to a person, happens because they caused it with their actions” so basically this article is saying that no matter who you connect with karma is going to repeat the cycle! Demons have an uncanny ability to connect with ones pain having you avoid looking at oneself to win your trust through padding your emotions. No one is ever taught in life that love is painless; “as children we have been punished or whipped out of love”. Love is not free! Any couple that has been together for years will tell you that with true love comes pain cause both parties have to shed their demons and remove themselves from desires and ways that has destroyed moments and opportunities in their lives. Remember! Not everything on the Internet is true & meant to help you!

  21. Wait so this is bad?? I feel so happy with this person im with! I feel like what we have transcends everything else.. ever since i met them last april its jus so intense.. we have never fought, not even argued? We are on the same page like 99.9% of the time..When i did meet her in person for the first time it did feel like familiar.. but idk this relationship i have really gives me happiness and comfort and we help each other grow !! The description i see online here sounds like all karmic relationships are bad ?

    1. Not all are bad, only the unresolved ones. There are many different types of past life relationships and twin soul relationships. Some people may label yours is a soulmate relationship but I find these labels can be counter productive. If it works don’t knock it ;) x

    2. No,
      karma is just one of the laws of the universe to grow yourself and therefore and enhance ALL-THAT-IS.
      If you are just in real-love connection. Then everything is fine for that aspect of that relation.
      In this article the discussion is about karmic relationships.
      My karmic relationsship took my breath away. It ruined me financially, self-esteem-wise, energetically, abused me, and brought my complete professional and private life into a desaster.
      And it came in form of a relationship as a woman on top of my existing family with two kids.
      The last year was a trip to hell on a roller-coaster. I am still surprised i survived without health issues.
      But when one does not learn the lessons in other lives the time comes for sure where he with increasing pressure learns it finally.
      I got help from a person to dissolve the karmic-resolutions and in parallel have worked hard on myself to see my big gaps (low-self esteem, being to naive, believing just in the goodness of everyone around, not loving myself and just giving myself up in the service of others).
      I also asked ALL-THAT-IS for help (all archangels, spirit guides and every other wise and intelligent being available to me, physical and non-phsyical).
      Slowly i am changing and seeing it clearer and recognizing the value of the lesson.
      For the person who mistreated me in an unbelievable and heartless way for three years i still do feel love, but more in an unconditional way.
      Interestingly, i am willing to give a chance again, when she has learned her lesson also, and wants this time to try real-love. But never again the old patterning way.
      Countless hours of mediation, self-suggestions, and sleepness nights, manifestation techniques, tears did not help.
      The only thing which really will help is if you change yourself fundamentally internal.

  22. Hi I’ve had crushes on girls before there’s one which was completely ob a diff level.

    I had a friend who used to bully me really badly, and was a massive player to girls. In late june 2013 he introducef me to girl he was sering. We vecame very comfortable with each other very quickly. There seemed to be something about her ryes and something familiar about her voice. I remember looking and feeling tgis odd feeling like I had knowb for 1000 years. We spoke alot, and I almost felt myself drifting into her as itwas like an innerfeeling so strong.

    My friend used to always playher and I felt terrible. She started opening upto me very quickly and telling meher life story which was very tragic and I has alot of empathy for I noticed shedid nkt do this with everyobe, and I felt oddly open with her too. We had so much in common, art, nature, fantasy, mythology. She opened my mind so much. I could draw abit wen I was small but hadnt for so long, she had beendrawing for a year and through her I pickedup very quickly and have loved it ever since it was like very hidden in me. Her thinkibg is beautiful and im like that too. One day she completely broke down ad told me her entire life story and secrets, abd said she had never told anyone else, we talked about spirituality too and shared very similar ideas, id never connected to anyone before like that it was amazing.

    Even adter she had people who lived closer and jn her lives everyday but she never tild them stuff unless she had too. It changed and I lather gathered that my friend had a problem as he voiced it ti me abd I later foind he did the same to her it was sad though. He caused me so much sfress I became mentally ill, sge always seemed to kbow when I was down and how I was feeling without me saying it which was amazing, she undersrood mr and vice versa. He spoke anddid things behind her bacj so much it ate away at me, wheb I was ill I spoke out and did stuff but it all got messed up and he lied his ass off, so it ended really badly.

    But when I’ve read stuff now It really relates and I feel she might have been someone close in pastlives would you agree?

  23. Thank you for this post. Makes a lot of sense. I suffered a lot of mental abuse in my recent short lasting marriage, but at the same time I knew there were things I had to get over and improve with myself too.

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