Increase the love in your life today!

There is no such thing as too much love and the good news is that you really can have as much love in your life as you choose.
That might sounds strange because most of us think of love in terms of the way someone feels about us.  We think that, in order to feel love, someone has to love us, and that is the love that we feel.  But the strange thing is that you can’t actually feel someone else’s love for you.  You might recognise that someone loves you by the words they say, the looks they give you or the things they do for you, but if it was possible to actually feel the love they have for you, celebrities who are loved all over the world would never report feeling lonely.

If you want to feel love you have to give it away.

The truth is that love only comes alive when you are giving it away.  It’s the only time that you can really feel love. It’s a bit like being rich.  Having lots of money just means you have lots of pieces of paper with pictures of the Queen on them.  By themselves, they are worthless.  But when you spend money, when you put it into circulation by handing it over for whatever it is that you want, that’s when you feel rich.  It’s the same with love.

The power of love

When you really get that you are the one who loves, you are the one who experiences the feeling of love flowing through you towards someone or something else, then there is nothing that can stop you feeling as much love as you want to feel every day.

Who do you love?

Romantic love is only one aspect of love.  You can love as many people as you like in as many different ways as you want.  You can also love as many different things as you like.  You can even learn to love the things in your life that right now leave you cold or the things you don’t like. There is absolutely no limit to the amount of love you get to feel.

Feel love in everything you do

As Kahlil Gibran said, ‘Work is love made visible’.  Just imagine what tomorrow would be like if everyone adopted that philosophy – if no matter what anyone did anywhere, whether they were performing brain surgery or sweeping the streets, they did it with total and complete love.  Can you imagine how different life would feel?

Love without limits

Not only do you have to give love away to feel it, but the more you give away the more you have, and the more you have, the more you attract.  Someone in the first flush of romantic love has something about them that makes them stand out.  If you’ve ever met anyone who just loves life for the sake of it, you’ll know how incredible they are just to be around.  The more love someone feels, the more attractive they become, the more love they draw into their life.  Love really has no limits.  As Shakespear’s Juliet says to Romeo ‘My bounty is as boundless as the sea.  My love as deep, the more I give to thee.’

More love today

So decide today that you want to feel more love in your life.  Decide what you love and really feel it.  And if there is absolutely nothing in your life that you love, decide what you could love if you just let yourself.  Be shameless about the amount of love you want to feel. It really is all around you.

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