Love SOS – If I move on, will I stop them coming back?

Love SOS – If I move on, will I stop them coming back?

At the end of a relationship we can sometimes find ourselves paralysed on a psychological and psychic level, totally unable to move on in any way.

As a result we literally become frozen within our life as it was at the point they left. Like a modern version of Dickens’ Miss Havisham, who stopped the clocks at the moment she discovered she’d been jilted and refused to change out of her wedding dress even though decades passed, we can feel incapable of making changes within our own lives.

We can become frozen. We take in the rejection we have experienced and mirror it with a profound rejection of ourselves. This cuts us off from our power to transform.  We can also effectively stop our own clocks. Deep down we’re scared that if we move on, they won’t be able to find us. We feel if they ever did decide to come looking, they wouldn’t like what they found if we changed too much.

The Cosmos

The nature of the cosmos is constant movement and flow of energy. So, stopping our psychic clocks goes against the fabric of the cosmos itself. It sends out a crazy vibration that will itself push them away. Even if they were going to come back. It will also block anyone who might have been even better for us from coming in.

Every single one of us is a unique soul. Our purpose in life is to discover and grow into our uniqueness.  This is the source of our power. It matters on a scale that it’s hard to grasp. Especially when we are nurturing a broken heart. Keeping ourselves on hold for someone else goes against the spiritual purpose for which we were born.

The way to understand it is this. If we’ve stopped our clocks, without even being conscious of it, what we’ve actually done on a psychic level is gather up our power and energy and hurled it after whoever it is who has left.  That means we’re trying to run on empty cylinders. This makes it so much harder to create anything new in our lives.

Because we’ve literally chucked our power away, the kind of chord cutting rituals where we visualise severing the psychic threads that link us with someone else don’t work.  They can’t, because we’re trying to cut ourselves off from our own power and that’s not possible.

Reclaim your power

We need to reclaim our power. To do that, we have to delve within ourselves, connect with a unique aspect of who we are and nurture it like crazy, especially if it’s a part we put on hold to be involved with the person who left.

By pulling our energy and focus away from one person and pouring it onto that aspect of ourselves that is unique, we are acting on self love.  We help ourselves fall in love with ourselves  and from there we can fall in love with life itself.

When we do that, we become brilliant beacons of love that shine out throughout the cosmos and draw towards us the very souls who can mirror that love back to us.  It may be the person who has left, it could be someone even better but to be honest, all of that becomes less important as we are plugged into a much bigger source of love itself.

All of this is why I put so much emphasis on nurturing yourself and your own personal dreams when a relationship ends.  It might just look as though you’ve joined a choir or have totally revamped the way that you look, but on a psychic level you’re calling back the power you didn’t know you gave away and turbo boosting your growth into the unique being that you are.

You are a unique and lovable soul and exactly what the universe needs.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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