How to end the dating disasters

If you’re single, have you ever caught yourself saying, ‘All the good ones are gone?’

Is your relationship history a long litany of disasters with different names and faces attached?

In particular, if I were to ask you whether there’s a common theme about what goes wrong in your relationships, would you say that the only men or women (depending on who you date) you meet are only out for something casual, or that it always starts out great but then they reveal a dark side that takes you by surprise.  Or would you tell more dramatic tales of seemingly lovely people turning out to be out and out crazy?

If you’re viewing your single status as something you want to ditch as soon as possible, it really does matter how you think and talk not only about your present but also about your romantic past.

Our words weave magic spells.  Any shaman would tell you that, and these days science is agreeing.  Research has shown that the metaphors we use and the stories we tell actually shape the way we see the world and what’s possible.

Shamans also tell us that our outer world is a mirror of our internal world.  So if you can trot out a long list of dating disasters on command, pause for a moment.   You might want to do a little inner work before you get out there again.

The really good news is that there isn’t any need to panic.  There are around seven billion people on the planet at the moment.  You’re only looking for one.  So even though you could probably get along really well with at least six billion of all those who are out there, it isn’t anything to worry about if only around one million could have the kind of chemistry you’re looking for with you.

Until you meet ‘the one’ (and I mean one of that potential one million – always remember there’s about a million ones out there for you!), you can have fun, make friends and date casually.

There’s no need to sweat about the people you aren’t compatible with.  There are going to be loads of those.  And don’t worry, they’ll be just fine as there are around a million people out there who will think they are fabulous.  But ifyou want to end the dating disasters, the trick is not to get involved with people you’re not compatible with.

That sounds so stunningly simple that it can go right over our heads.

If you’re single, that’s when you can use your own fabulous psychic intuition to guide you.  If you pay attention, it will tell you when someone is attracted to you.  You can also use your psychic intuition to tell you when someone just isn’t right for you, even when on the surface they seem to tick every box you could possibly have.

Your psychic intuition will tell you when it’s time to stay and when it’s time to go.   And the really important thing is, you listen to it.  That way, you don’t end up later down the line neck deep what will become another disaster story.

We can drown out our psychic instincts for all sorts of reasons, however.  When it comes to relationships, if we feel unlovable or scared that we’re never going to meet anyone, or if we haven’t resolved our negative patterns from the past, we can end up saying to ourselves, ‘Be quiet!  It’s the only time I’ve been asked out in the last year and I’m going!’ as our psychic intuition is shouting, ‘Avoid this one at all costs!’

Fall in love with you so that you are complete in yourself. Remember that there are in all likelihood a million people out there you could be very happy with who are looking for someone just like you.  And that of that million, you only want one.  And then pay attention to your psychic instincts as they will help you find your way through the seven billion to that one.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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