Get Ready for Venus Direct: 30 Days to Attract Love

Venus, the planet of love and romance is making one of her rare retrogrades at present and heads direct again in Leo on September 5, 2015. While Venus is retrograde we can say that the things she rules are ‘suspended’ – so this is not a good time to be embarking on a new love affair but rather a time when we reflect on past relationships and what we have learned from them in order to apply this when she turns direct again.

However, just because it may not be a good time to embark on that new love doesn’t mean we can’t start to prepare to attract it in once the retrograde period is over. In fact, the retrograde gives us the perfect opportunity to not only do that, but to clear the way for that new love to enter our lives as soon as Venus does move forward. If you begin now, you literally have a month to prepare but remember, although this exercise fits perfectly with the retrograde lessons, you can embark on it at any time when bringing in a new love is your desire. Ready to begin?

First, taking what you have learned in the past about relationships and the kind of person you need, write down the kind of qualities you want your new partner to have. These should be inner qualities rather than external ones so other than stating you want to find your partner attractive, don’t get too specific although you can state an age range as in ‘age appropriate’.

As with any goal you wish to attain this should be written as if you already have that person and don’t forget to include in this how they feel about you in return! It’s funny how we often leave that part out and then attract someone with all the desired qualities – except they’re not in love with us! Don’t make that mistake. It’s a good idea to write this on a small card and carry it with you. Read it first thing in the morning and last thing at night and any other time during the day that you can manage. Do this for at least 30 days.

Next up – for the next 30 days get dressed every morning as if today is the day you are going to meet your ideal lover. Think about the first impression you want to make on them. How do you want them to see you? What outfits say the most about who you are and make you feel that you are looking your best? They don’t have to be designer fashion – your favourite outfit can be that great fitting pair of jeans – they just need to make you feel good. Mine is a ripped old black vest and a cut off leather jacket! Go to as many places as you can dressed in your best and feeling good about yourself. Don’t go with an agenda however. Just enjoy the feeling of knowing you look great!

venus in love

Finally – while nobody not even the universe expects you to forgive an abusive or dishonest ex, do try to think about your previous lovers and if you can, thank them for showing you how you DON’T want to be treated! Doing this sets you free and is also a perfect exercise for a Venus retrograde as it demonstrates that you have taken these lessons on board permanently and as a result are open to something better.

Commit to doing this for 30 days – Venus retrograde or not. Love is a miracle waiting to happen in all our lives – so ask yourself why it shouldn’t happen to you? Venus knows the answer so get ready – and soul-fit, for love!

2 thoughts on “Get Ready for Venus Direct: 30 Days to Attract Love

  1. Could be a past life connection. Also look back to the relationship you had with the last Venus retro, what were the patterns? x

  2. I met a man 2 weeks ago, during this venus retrograde period. I had already set my intentions and written out (back in June) exactly what I wanted to attract (and sent it out to the cosmos:)). He contacted me and I realized I had a premonition about him back in June after I had written down my invocation….our connection is very strong and has all of the elements I asked for plus some. If we are not to meet anyone during the venus retrograde cycle, why did I? And what does it mean for us that we met while Venus is retrograde? It feels good and we are taking it one step at a time with, still, much enthusiasm. I had met a partner, before during another venus retrograde, and we were together for 4 years. So I am a bit confused about this:) Thank you!

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