Feng Shui Your Love life – Find Your Romance Hotspot

Feng Shui your love life!

In Feng Shui, the art of placement, positive energy, or ‘chi’ is encouraged to flow through your home; like a gentle breeze. If you have loads of clutter, dingy dark areas or just boring spaces, the energy can become stagnant. If you’re looking for romance you need to take a good hard think about why that romantic energy flow might be blocked.

1. Find your romance hotspot

First you need to find the part of your home, or of any room, that romantic energy has its greatest power. This is the South West corner. To find that, stand at the doorway facing into to your house, or stand in the doorway of any room. Hold a compass and locate the SW corner. This is your love and romance power zone.

2. Clear it up!

Now you need to look at what’s going on in that area and clear it up. Is it cluttered or messy? Is it dark or dingy? In need of a lick of paint? Do you have any objects that aren’t particularly romantic? Such as a bin, cat litter tray or a picture of something weird? Move anything inappropriate from the area. Give it a clean and clap your hands together a few times to wake up any stagnant chi.

3. Apply feng Shui ‘cures’

In Feng Shui, love and romance is attracted by placing appropriate objects in pairs. For example, two pink or red candles. Or, two heart-shaped pillows, two pink blossoms, two silk roses. A picture of a pair of mandarin ducks, doves or swans.
Pay special attention to your bedroom. Place two rose quartz crystals each side of your bed. Have two long stemmed red or pink flowers in a vase on each side. Use images, picture and objects that you associate with love and romance, personally, to strengthen the energy further.

Avoid prickly plants such as cacti, and stay away from dried flowers. Goddess statues are excellent and if the area is tidy and clean hang a light-reflecting crystal above it to reflect the good vibes. But handing a crystal in a messy area will only magnify the cluttered energy out into the world.

If you have a toilet in the SW corner of your bathroom, keep the lid down to avoid ‘flushing away’ romance and place a couple of heart shaped crystals on the top.
If you have a cupboard in the SW area, clear it out, keep it tidy and hang some beautiful dresses in it!

A red or pink lamp (a lava lamp would be perfect!) in your love zone will warm up and highlight your romantic potential. Any broken, ugly or unhappy-memory objects need to go. Be brutal – what’s more important – an outworn piece of tat or your potentially glorious love life?

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