Crystal healing a broken heart

Along with other measures you might take when you’re nursing a broken heart, some people believe that gemstones can give us a helping hand along the path of healing.

Crystals are said to work by amplifying energy.  Each crystal is associated with a different energy, so working with crystals is about choosing the kind of energy you need in any one moment.

I think that gemstones are absolutely beautiful and just the very act of picking a gorgeous gemstone and using it in a simple ritual is deeply nurturing on a psychic and emotional level.

Try these simple yet powerful rituals

Run yourself a rose quartz and rose petal bath.  Tumble a few rose quartz crystals into the water and scatter rose petals on the surface.  You could even add a few drops of rose oil essence to the water itself.  Immerse yourself in the water and infuse yourself with the unconditional love of the quartz.  Allow it to spark up the never ending of unconditional love that you have within you.  Stay there as long as you like. When you feel it’s time, lather yourself down with natural rose scented soap as tenderly as you would wash a baby.  Lovingly caress each limb with complete reverence. Treat yourself as the God or Goddess that you are.  As you rinse yourself and allow the water to drain away, imagine the heartbreak is being washed away and going down the plughole.  Visualise it travelling with the water out to where it finds its way to the ocean and dissolves and is transformed within the whole.

Place rose quartz in a circle and sit within it. Visualise a sphere of unconditional love forming around you.  You might even see it filled with rose quartz coloured light.  See the tiny waves of energy from the crystal merging with your own and spreading out until you become one with the loving whole of the cosmos, part of the sacred dance of life itself.  Bathe in the light crystal energy and feel it gently soothe your heart and restore it to wholeness.  If you want, you can softly chant ‘This Too Shall Pass’ over and over again until you hear your own voice slowing down as the deep truth of the words sinks in to your consciousness.  Know that your heart is mending that that you will love again.

Boost your chakras: Lay flat and place a rose quartz crystal on your heart, where the heart chakra or energy centre turns.  Balance a Citrine on the bit just above the solar plexus and just below your rib cage.  This is the chakra or energy centre linked with self esteem and citrine will boost this.  Or you could use hematite to restore your confidence.  On your pubic bone, close to the root chakra or your connection to the earth, place a tigers eye as this will amplify your sense of belonging and safety and feeling of being protected.  It will also inspire positive thoughts.  As you lay there, allow the crystals to work their magic on your energy centres.  See them opening and turning beautifully in synch with the divine rhythms of the universe.  Visualise your fears melting into the vast infinity of the cosmos.  Often, when a relationship ends, we can become plagued by fears that we will never find love again and it’s actually our fears for the future that makes it harder to move on in the present.  So let them go.

Finally, choose one of the 22 major arcana of the Tarot to slip under your pillow as you sleep to inspire your dreams. Each card represents a step in the spiralling evolution of the soul.  Here are a few of my suggestions;  The High Priestess to receive and connect with guiding intuition, The Empress to claim back your va va voom if you’re a woman, Strength if you feel that your energies have been left out of balance, The Star for divine inspiration and hope, The World to encourage you to dance through the cycles of completion and creation as the universe turns and my absolute favourite; The Fool, to inspire you to leap forward fearlessly into the next adventure, safe in the knowledge that the ground will rise up to meet you wherever you tread.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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