Altar Your Space To Bring in Love!

So, you’ve been practicing your Quantum Creating techniques and also doing everything you can on a practical level to draw that special relationship to you. But despite all this – nothing is happening! If this sounds familiar what more can you do to attract love into your life? The answer is altar your space. Create a special ‘place’ in your home where you literally build what I call an ‘Altar to Love’ and then you use this for meditation and Quantum Creating practice to get the love flowing in your life. Here’s how it works.

All space is filled with energy – there is no such thing as ‘empty space’. This energy has a ‘charge’ to it – think if it as either positive or negative. How many times have you walked into a room and felt the ‘atmosphere’? Then you know what I’m talking about. When we give the energy in even a small part of our personal space a different ‘charge’ we then open up the possibility to attract whatever it is we’re seeking.

1: Look around your home or your bedroom for the ‘space’ where you want to create your altar. It can be in any room so long as you can sit in front of it undisturbed and where the objects you place on your altar will not be touched by others. It can be on top of a table or dresser or on a window ledge for example.

2: Go find your objects. These must be BRAND NEW and not used before. The reason for this is that we want to bring in new energy and not energy from our past or past relationships. Understand that this does not mean that someone from our past cannot return if that is going to be part of our soul development, but that we would want a different outcome with them if they did! You will need the following:

Candles and candle holders: Candles should be either green as this is the colour ruled by Venus, planet and Goddess of love, pink or else red for passion.

An object or figurine that represents you as you will be when you have found your ideal relationship: This is intensely personal. One person I know who did this bought a bust of Marilyn Monroe as hers. Another bought a glass swan. Look around you and be open-minded when you shop. Know that the object that represents you in your ideal love situation will ‘call’ to you.

An object or figurine that represents you as you were in your past relationships: Again, be open-minded about what this is going to be. One client I know of bought a mask to represent this as she felt she could not be her authentic self in her previous relationships. Another bought a figurine of Xena as she felt she had always been on the defensive with partners and didn’t want to show how vulnerable she was. Know that as you browse on-line and in the shops in search of your perfect object that it will ‘broadcast’ to you and that it represents the soul-wound that needs healing for you to have your ideal love connection.

An object that represents either male or female energy: Depending on whether you want to attract a man or a woman, you now need to add your ‘missing’ ingredient – something that represents your ideal male or female energy. Understand this does not need to be a male or female figurine – it is an energy representation. For example, one client looking for a male partner bought a crystal wand to represent the kind of male energy she wanted to attract.

A White or Silver Piece of Fabric: White or silver represents purity of intention. This is your altar cloth.

3: Finding the right objects may take a few weeks so don’t hurry the process but enjoy it as part of creating the space for love to fill. When you have found all your objects arrange them in your space on your altar cloth. Light your candles. You can put on music if you want. Then focus on each object in turn – the one that represents you in past relationships first, then the one that represents you how you will be in your new relationship. Then move onto the one you’ve chosen to represent your new love. Be open to what comes up as you do this. Take as long as you want and after you have finished, blow out your candles. Ideally if you have time, spend a few minutes each day in front of your altar with the candles lit repeating this process but if you don’t have time, every other day or even once a week is fine.

You will soon notice that the area around your altar feels different ‘energetically’ than other areas of your home and this shows the process is working. We create our futures and where our focus goes – energy flows. That is what altaring our space is all about!

One thought on “Altar Your Space To Bring in Love!

  1. I would like to build a love alter in my home to keep positivity, sexuality, sensuality, passion, trust, romance and love flowing in my current relationship with my boyfriend. Would I use this same process to build it or would I need to change it up since I’m not looking for a new love?

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