7 Questions To Ask Before A New Relationship

7 Soul Searching Questions To Ask Before You Start a New Relationship

If you’re single then chances are you are doing all you can to manifest that special someone in your life. But as well as practicing Quantum Creating techniques, there are questions everyone who is single and searching should ask themselves before the next person comes along. Knowing the answers not only clears the space for them to manifest, but also enables you to be clear on your needs – and your intentions.

Do I actually want to be in a relationship right now?

Do you want a committed relationship or are you just looking for some no-strings attached fun? There’s nothing wrong if it’s the latter – but you have to be up front about it. It’s all too easy to meet someone, enjoy their company and then suddenly you’re seeing them exclusively. Know what you want and make sure the other person is on the same page.

What is it I need from a partner?

Think back to what your past relationships gave you. Love? Emotional support? Companionship? Soul growth? If you want a relationship for other reasons – say financial support or just because you don’t want to be alone, you need to drop those items off your agenda. A relationship is about two people becoming more than they could be as individuals – about learning through love – not about convenience or neediness.

Am I ready to welcome love into my life?

In other words – do you think you deserve to be loved? Do you love yourself? Are you happy with yourself? Do you think you’re thin enough, smart enough, funny enough or successful enough right now to attract the kind of person you want? None of these things make you unlovable, we are all lovable exactly as we are. If you’ve answered ‘no’ to any of these, then you might need to develop healthy self-love before attempting to get into a healthy relationship.

What are the top three qualities I need in a partner?

Honesty? Kindness? Willingness to communicate? A sense of humour? Think about what the most important qualities are to you and avoid superficial characteristics like looks and money, and then look for those qualities in each potential mate you meet.

Am I ready to date again?

Are you over your last relationship? Carrying a torch or harbouring unresolved feelings for an ex will only sabotage your new relationship. Make sure you have drawn a line under the past before moving into the future. And if you’re not yet over your ex don’t give in to pressure from well-meaning friends who tell you to ‘get back on the horse’. You’ll only fall off again!

How is this person enhancing my life?

The right person should bring out the best in us. If you don’t feel happier, stronger and confident about yourself in the relationship then they may not be right for you. Ask if the person enhances your life and if the answer is no, don’t be afraid to move on.

Why am I dating this person?

Perhaps the hardest question we need to ask ourselves, but the one we need to be ruthlessly honest with ourselves about. Are you dating them because you are interested in them and see a potential for a real connection or are you seeing them just because you are lonely/bored/all your friends are married and you’re the last one who’s single/your job sucks – the list can go on and on. If you are seeing someone for any other reason than you think they might be able to offer true love in the long term, being with them will prevent you from finding the person with whom you can truly connect.

We live in the 21st Century and there are many sorts of relationships which can give us soul growth and joy. The important thing to remember is that if you stumble over one of these questions, you should love yourself enough to take the time to get the right answers. Use your psychic ability and trust your intuition. Don’t be afraid to risk loneliness in the short term rather than settle for something that’s not the real thing!

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