6 Love tips for psychics, empaths and healers

One of the wonderful things about being an empath/psychic/intuitive or sensitive is that you have the ability to feel much deeper than most people. Love for you can be a collision of two universes in vivid technicolor. You’re likely not only to feel this life but an eternity of lives with the one you love.

Part of being an empath is the natural ability to fall into other people’s feelings and emotions. When you fall in love, this ability can be incredible as you merge and sense the inner being of your love interest. The down side of this is being hyper sensitive which can lead to the other person treading on egg shells or to an overreaction to what is being picked up.

Sensing your partners every move is a double edged sword. On the one hand your partner may feel more understood than ever before but on the other hand it can feel like a massive invasion of privacy. Sensitive people are not only very keen to please but also hyper sensitive of rejection.

The challenge

1/ Don’t take everything personally. As an empath you will have an uncanny ability to tune into every mood and emotional nuance of your partner. All of us have peaks and troughs of emotion and if your partner is feeling a bit withdrawn, even though they are smiling, it does not necessarily mean a rejection of you. Emotions are evolving and flowing and if we get stuck sensing a negative one it can put a great strain on the connection and cause you unnecessary pain. It’s incredibly important not to over react but give yourself time to access what you are feeling.

2/ Lay healthy boundaries. No doubt as a psychic you are incredibly good at sensing others needs and pain and it is natural for you to put other people first. In a healthy relationship there has to be equality otherwise you are in danger of becoming a rescuer. Your needs and feelings need nurturing just as much as your partner and when you love yourself as much as you love your partner you make way for a deeper soul connection. Being the giver all the time could eventually lead to resentment and imbalance which can erode even the strongest relationships. Beware, as it can also be a cunning escape from dealing with your own wounds and be a symptom of a lack of self esteem.

3/ Sensory overload. Merging with someone 24/7 can also be utterly exhausting! If you are feeling every emotion your partner feels it leaves little time for you to get your own stuff done. It can also make your partner cautious of sharing in case your psychic detective skills dig deeper than they are comfortable with so it’s important to respect their boundaries too. Make a pact not to delve into each feeling unless you are emotionally sharing. Be honest, how would you like someone in your head knowing your inner thoughts all the time? Humans are complex creatures and we think many thoughts in all different directions and a lot of them are just passing through.

The good news


4/ You are a stunning lover. Psychics tend to be fabulous lovers. You have at your fingertips the ability to sense what really excites and connects and turns your partner on. Don’t panic if they initially find this somewhat disconcerting.

5/ Let the love in. Making love is the perfect space to let your psychic ability go wild. Bear in mind that most people have sexual fantasies and desires which even they may find taboo. To be a great psychic lover it’s important to come from a space of non judgment and to use your open heart to sense what your lover is comfortable with. Even your kissing can make people feel as if you have kissed their very soul.

6/ Soul mates. You will know if you’re in a genuine relationship (you can never really fool yourself so if it’s not right run like the wind!) always listen to your inner voice. If you have a genuine relationship (and probably even if you don’t) your partner will feel more bonded and safe with you than anyone else on the planet (unless they date another empath!). If you deal with the above challenges you can feel assured that your relationship has a fathomless depth that well and truly blows your partner away.

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