BFF Or Soul Friends?

I was moved to write this after seeing a post from someone who had just happened to catch me on television, googled my name and found their way to Psychic Knight, my free on line spiritual community, as a result. She posted a blog saying that she was so happy and grateful for the friends that she had found and the support that she had received that had already made a huge difference in her life. What really struck me though was her joy at finding a whole group of people who were interested in the spiritual side of life.

There’s an old saying that if you go the extra mile, you won’t find it very crowded. I believe that we are all going through a really profound shift and even though at one time you might have been very much in the minority if you started to get interested in spiritual things, today more and more people are waking up to their spirituality in a movement that’s set to gain momentum.

We all walk our own paths but we are all connected and having one or more people who we can share that interest with can really help us in our own evolution. I believe that we all chose to incarnate at this time and are actually part of one big soul group set to take us through a massive shift, but also within that whole we do have spiritual companions who are really important to us. Unlike soul mates, who might be romantic partners or even those who push every button we’ve got and a few more we didn’t know we had, our spiritual companions are people who help us grow.

1/They are the ones who continually call us to our higher selves. We are all divine works in progress and we all face moments when we get stuck in railing against our lot, or can’t see a way through our problems. Our soul companions love us warts and all but they are also like cheerleaders, reminding us that we can transform ourselves and our lives.

2/They might totally mirror all of our spiritual beliefs or they might hold views that are totally different to our own. A friend of mine has a spiritual companion who is a total atheist, yet they respect each other’s view and can still have long talks about rising above whatever challenges they face. For them, it’s the difference between a faith in the spiritual and a faith in human spirit. Their beliefs differ, but their overall goal – to become better, stronger and wiser, is the same.

3/They hold the faith in you even when you can’t. If you’re having an off day, a grouchy moment or even feeling the need to let rip or throw an all singing, all dancing pity party, they know it’s just a blip and that you’ll soon get back on track. When in doubt, they believe the best in you.

4/If you gallop wildly off track, they’ll lovingly and without judgement let you know and patiently wait for your return. It’s not about them trying to stop us going through the normal trial and error of life, it’s about someone knowing us well enough to know when we are in hot pursuit of something that is more a mirror of a wounded part of us that we need to heal and release – such as the lover with the sign ‘Bad Bet!’ above their head that everyone but we can see.

Soul friends laugh with us, cry with us and help and support us along our way. I am lucky enough to have shared my journey so far with some amazing soul companions, not least Caroline Reynolds who still continues to influence me even though she has crossed over. We wouldn’t be where we are going without them.

Loads of love,
Michele x

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