Samhain: The Celtic New Year

As the wheel of the year turns, Samhain is once again on our doorstep. Celebrated on October 31st, this is the Pagan festival of death and rebirth.  It announces the end of summer.  Nature changes, and as we are ourselves part of nature, we put all of our summer away, preparing for the cold winter days and nights ahead. 

In Pagan tradition, the Green Man symbolises fertility.  You’ll see his image, usually depicted as a man’s face surrounded by leaves, carved onto the stonework of old churches and see reference to him in the name of many an old English pub.  He is said to die at Samhain to be reborn at Yule, so this is a wonderful time of year to look to what you want to change or end in your life subconsciously and consciously.

At Samhain any moots or gatherings have a bonfire set up.  If you’re planning to go along to one, you could take anything that you want or need to burn to help you make that change or to mark an ending.  For example, if you want to rid yourself of any lingering thoughts about a relationship that has ended, you could take letters from or photos of your ex.  Burning these on the bonfire will help you ritualistically release all that you are holding within.  If it’s a pattern or behaviour that you want to release, think about what might symbolise that.   For example, if you’re determined to change your spending patterns you could take along old credit card slips or shop receipts to hurl on the fire.

If you aren’t able to actually get to a group ceremony, you can of course have your own private ritual, but we always ask you to take extra care when using small fires or candles for any ritual purposes.

Samhain is the time when the veil to the spirit world is very thin, so again this is a really good time to put your intentions about things that you want to change to the universe as it is listening!

Once you have shifted what you want to change, wait to the next new moon.  Write out all that you now want in your life.  Whilst you are adding your items, think of your intent.  Be strong and focussed and if you can, shout your words.  If you are worried about being overheard, speak them within.  The stronger that you can be in your intent, the more you can empower yourself.

You can also dedicate any prayers to the Goddess Hecate.  She is the Goddess of the crossroads.  All you need to do is say, ‘Goddess Hecate, hear my prayers at this magical time.  Help me find my purpose and move on from the past and all that holds me entrapped.’

The first week of November marks the Celtic new year, so this is the time for a new you!

Blessed be

Sue C x

Sue C (Pin 2141) is a medium and hereditary psychic who has been reading professionally for 15 years. She also presents the radio show Mystical Worlds on My Spirit Radio.

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