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Growing our own food is essential for so many reasons from global warming, nutrition to helping build a sustainable food network. It connects us to the Earth, reduces stress and helps save the planet! In fact one could say it is one of the most spiritual, practical and fun things we can do with our time. It is especially good if we have children as children in our culture seem to have lost all contact with where food comes from. I am really excited to be starting this agricultural project and the joy is anyone can grow food no matter how small the space! Apparently a quarter of the UK population is planning to grow food this year and we have a chance to explore together the sacred side of gardening.

We are very lucky enough to have a field that we have planted a big vegetable garden in and want to explore food and spirituality but we will also be looking at ways you can grow food even if you have to grow it in a pot on the window sill! In some areas of London there is a 10 year wait for an allotment! I feel that people are drawn to growing their own food as part of our ever evolving spirit during these transformative times.

There are so many things to explore from sowing with the Moon, planting companion plants to what magical properties herbs and plants have. Later on we are getting a yurt so that we can sleep outside and experience being in nature during the Full Moon etc and eventually we want to make this experience available to some of you who live in cities or do not have the chance to be in nature to share the experience.

I am so excited about this project and I would LOVE you to share your gardening wisdom, recipes,tips, pictures and experience with us. Together we can learn, play and connect with the most natural thing in the world! This isn’t just about our website food garden, we want you to get involved and share your garden with us all so that as a community we can all learn together including us who are also novices!

So where do I begin? Firstly a fun way to start is to get inspired by other vegetable gardens and decide what sort of garden you want. You can do this online or go to gardens. We went to the lost garden of Heligan to get inspiration and also checked out videos on youtube on permaculture some of which I have included here.

Native American words of wisdom

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