Quantum Creating: produce the movie of your life

There’s no doubt that movies are one of the most powerful storytelling mediums we’ve ever invented. Stories or guiding myths, have always been with us and were created to help us through life’s challenges. In ancient times, the Shaman storyteller of the tribe would relate these stories. Have you ever wondered why all those gods and goddesses appeared all too human when it came to their actions? That’s because the stories around them were used to parallel human experience and we could use them as examples to guide us through similar situations.

Now our stories have moved from the ancient oral tradition, through to print and now to films, they have become far more powerful tools and we can use our favourite films to help us when we are faced with a big decision, want to make changes on a soul level or create success. First of all, think about what you would like to change. Perhaps you have a job interview coming up, want to emerge from a situation you feel powerless right now to change or want to create love or success in another area in your life. Now, think of a movie you have enjoyed watching where the protagonist was facing a similar situation to yours. If it’s been a while since you saw the film, you might want to watch it again at this point. Next, take a scene from the film that felt particularly resonant for you. Perhaps you had an intense emotional reaction to what the main character was going through as you identified with him or her so strongly. Now – close your eyes and remove the actor playing the role from the scene and imagine yourself as that character instead. Imagine yourself saying their lines and feeling their emotions. Don’t forget, it’s doesn’t matter whether you think you can act or not so let go of any inner critic that surfaces. What matters is you feeling what they are feeling – not whether your performance gets an Academy Award or not!

See the actors who are in your movie with you using your name – not the name of the character you are playing. This is YOUR story now. And because it is you can now start writing and directing it any way you want – adding to the script and having the actors say to you anything you want such as what you may need to hear to deal with your situation or reach your goals. Perhaps one of the actors with you represents an ex or someone you have had issues with in the past. If so, you can now ‘script’ them to explain why they acted towards you the way they did. You will be surprised at what can emerge.

If you have a list of goals, try to find a movie with a scene in it that represents your goal or whose central character has the qualities you are going to need to reach that goal. Don’t forget – you can choose as many films and as many scenes as you need. Look for movies whose ending gives you the outcome you are aiming for. By putting yourself in the main characters shoes, allowing yourself to feel how they are feeling at their moment of triumph, you then set yourself up for a similar ending.

As you get more adept at this, you can of course script your ‘movie’ from scratch instead of borrowing from another film and write, star and direct the movie of how you want your life to be from here on in. You can then cast whoever you want to be in this film – family, friends, your future soul-mate and have them say and do the things you need them to do for you. This slice of ‘reel’ life you are creating can have powerful effects in our lives – from our relationships to our careers, our confidence and sense of wellbeing.

After all – if you don’t see yourself as having a starring role in your own life, how do you expect other people to? So use this healing and highly creative visualization technique to create not just the ‘happy endings’ you want to see in any situation, but to empower you in any situation you find yourself in. After all – stories in films aren’t usually about movie stars – they’re inspired by people like you! So, take charge of the ultimate production – your life. That’s ‘reel’ power.

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