Quantum Creating 101: Michele’s Four Minute Miracle to Change Your Life!

If you’re familiar with some of my basic concepts for Quantum Creating success, you’ll know stalking your thoughts and a Meme Detox plays a big part of this. There’s no doubt that our thoughts create our reality but it goes a lot deeper than that. To understand how the process works we have to understand how our thoughts are perceived by not only our conscious minds but also our subconscious minds and what I like to think of as our Quantum mind, or superconsciousness – the part of us which is connected to the universe and to all the potential of creation.

First of all, nobody is suggesting you can’t or won’t have a negative thought – ever. That’s clearly unrealistic and impossible. Of course we have worries, doubts, stresses and anxieties. Events can happen that tip us into depression and I’m not suggesting for one moment that when these happen we are supposed to maintain a positive spin on things. I think there is a lot of confusion out there which results in people beating themselves up because they cannot sustain a positive mind-set 100% of the time – clearly an impossibility! But what I do want to do is show you clearly how it only takes thinking about something positive for four minutes at a time for the universe to interpret this as our desire to create it as a reality – and the same goes for a negative thought. Strangely enough, if you do concentrate on one idea or thought consciously for four minutes this is going to seem like an awful long time. Can you do it and remain focussed when you are conscious of doing it? Why not stop right now and set the time on your phone and then concentrate in as much detail as you can on a goal you have for four minutes. Nothing else – just that one goal. Do this now if you can.

So, how did you do? Did you manage to stay focussed until the timer went off or did you find your mind drifting? You may have been surprised as this may not seem like a long time until you do it. And the thing is, when we are not consciously doing this, we can end up with negative thoughts going round and round in our minds for much longer than four minutes. So, why is four minutes so important? Well, it works like this:

Your conscious mind generates a thought – this can be anything – positive or negative. If we sustain this thought for four minutes or longer it is then sent to our subconscious mind which then begins the process of turning this into a reality for us. Think of your subconscious mind as your personal genie or uber-smart PA. You tell it what you want and it goes and make it happen for you. Your subconscious then links up to the Quantum mind or universal superconsciousness and then this sets about creating this for you. Four minutes is the key period. If you change your thoughts and focus before the four minute window – it remains just that – a thought, nothing more. So, if you’ve had nasty break-up and are sitting brooding for hours on end about how badly you’ve been treated, then this is what the universe thinks you are ordering up. It’s not you don’t have a right to feel bad, or to think about it, but it’s the time you spend thinking on it that can determine what happens next. Stalking your thoughts is therefore a more powerful creative process than you can possibly imagine!

So, why not get into the practice of setting your timer and ‘stalking’ those positive thoughts around your goals for four minutes instead? Just four minutes out of your day can quite literally change your life, your world and bring you closer to your goals. It really is a four minute miracle!

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