Purification – Are you feeling pure


What do you think about when you hear the word ‘pure’? The other day I bought a water distiller and was amazed to see all the gunk that came out of what looked like pure water. Our energy is pretty similar. As we go about our day to day business, we can pick up all sorts of gunk and negative energy. This may be invisible to the naked eye but can impact our mood, energy and relationship to ourselves and others.

We may not all be angels but underneath we are pure beings. We often loose sight of this as we stumble along in the hurly-burly of life. Broken hearts, arguments, family issues and even wandering into a place where other people are unhappy, can all effect our energy and aura.

This is especially true of sensitive people, psychics and intuitives, as our empathy connects us more to other folks ‘stuff’. Do you ever come home from work and feel yucky, drained or not quite yourself?

It’s not only other people and situations which can effect our energy but also our own thoughts. If we dwell on anger, bitterness or even heartache, we can impact our energy and attract unwanted negativity.

Many years ago when I was broken and unhappy (and generally being self destructive), I no longer felt myself, and like my whole energy was polluted. Dysfunctional relationships can fan the flames and pour grey over our natural sparkle and it can feel as if we are walking in a fog that is impossible to clear.

When I discovered the simple act of smudging (burning a sage stick and waving it over your whole aura about two inches away from your body), it totally transformed my life. I went from feeling grungy to feeling energised and back to my bouncy optimistic self. It was a revelation!

It can be easy to forget the basics, especially if you are in a caring profession; and yet, purifying ourselves from other peoples stuff, a hard day at work, intense emotions etc is easy, and in my experience, a life changer.

You can use many easy techniques from smudging to putting salt water in a bath and washing your body while visualising yourself being cleansed of any unwanted energy. Or hold a clear quartz and visualise a golden light full of unconditional love surrounding you.

Another gorgeous and fascinating technique is the ‘Ho’oponopono’ which is an ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation. The combination of these four short, simple phrases is said to heal and transform not only our energy but our life. Saying these 4 phrases to our self is very powerful, and works for me as a soul purification tool.

‘I love you’, ‘I’m sorry’, ‘Please forgive me’, ‘Thank-you’.

5 quick fixes

1 – Technology detox – stay clear of your phone, tablet and the internet for 24 hours. Use the time to read positive books, create something or cook yourself a healthy meal.

2 – Love bomb yourself by writing a list of all the wonderful things that you like about yourself. It may feel impossible at first, but once you start writing, you will be surprised by what you discover. Love is a great purifier!

3 – Give your chakras a sound bath. Hold your hand over each of your seven chakras and make an ‘om’ sound, visualising the colour coming through your hand and voice. Red for the root chakra over your groin, Orange for your sacral chakra on your belly, Yellow over your solar plexus, Pink or Green over your heart chakra, bright Blue on your throat chakra, Indigo over your third eye, and a Golden light going through your crown chakra.

4 – Dance it out. Music shifts energy. Put on your favourite music and dance out the negativity. Boogie it away and give yourself a good old workout in the process.

5 – Ring my bell! Bells release negative and accumulated energy, not only around yourself but also in your home. Ring the bell and make sure you do it around yourself and all four corners of your room.

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