Your Dance With Life Tarot Spread!

Is life feeling a little lacklustre? Do you feel like you are carrying a burden or just that you are trying as hard as you can but nothing is shifting for you? Perhaps you need to remind yourself that life isn’t meant to be a constant struggle and in fact, we are here to dance with it. Sometimes we lead and sometimes life leads us. The Tarot isn’t just for predicting the future, it is there to provide soul guidance and also to help us reconnect to our true path which is when we dance with life instead of being out-of-step with it.

So, if you are currently struggling with an issue or you just feel you life lacks that passion and soul sparkle that you need just the way you need air to breathe and water to drink, here is my Dance with Life Tarot spread that can help you uncover what you need to do to set the dance in motion again!

As usual with any psychic and soul work, ensure you will not be disturbed during your process. Turn off your phone. This is your sacred time and important for your overall wellbeing. You can light candles or put on ambient music if this helps you. Have your Tarot journal handy so you can write down the answers you receive. When you are ready, take up your Tarot cards and shuffle them thinking either about the specific issue you feel is holding you can or else asking what steps you can take to enter back into the Dance with Life. When you are ready, cut the deck into three with your dominant hand and then put it back together any way you want. Now, lay out the cards like this:

Card 1: Upper Left: Where you are in your situation right now.

Card 2: Upper Right: What you need to do in order to dance.

Card 3: Middle Left: Where you are in terms of relationship satisfaction.

Card 4: Middle Right: What you need to do in order to dance.

Card 5: Bottom Left: Where you are in terms of overall happiness.

Card 6: Bottom Right: What you need to do in order to dance.

Once you have laid out your cards, spend some time with them. Write down all your impressions especially on the dance solution cards. All the Tarot cards have a number of meanings and often it is only when we truly look into them that this is revealed. Remember that what your intuition is telling you is most probably correct so don’t worry if this is going against the traditional interpretation of the card. This is YOUR situation and your dance and the steps will be different for everyone. You will however be given information on what steps you do need to take in order to let joy and passion back in and resolve any difficulties.

Remember, we are here to dance with life, not stand on the sidelines like a wallflower! You already know the steps you need to take but thanks to the healing power of the Tarot, this spread can remind you that dancing in your destiny and life is your partner in it.


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