Weekly Astro-Tarot Forecast December 14

Aries – Three of Cups: You’re in a party mood already but the excuse to celebrate something magical arrives. Take advantage of the fact that your creativity and intuition are peaking right now and if you follow their message you could end up with even more to celebrate! You’ve reached a milestone in love, life, work or just appreciating how good things can be. Enjoy.

Taurus – Four of Pentacles: It may not be you who is holding on so tight that the flow of abundance has been stopped. Perhaps someone close to you is withholding love, attention or something they are perfectly able to give – but choose not to. Look closely at feelings of not having enough or those who use what they do have to manipulate. Don’t be Scrooged this festive season. If others won’t be generous, it’s up to you to set an example.

Gemini – The Lovers: What happens under the mistletoe now stays under the mistletoe! An attraction could blossom into a full-blown romance but there could be a juggling act to perform. Perhaps you are pulled in two different directions with other responsibilities conflicting with your desires – such as family or work for example. However, do try to resist getting drawn into eternal triangle situations. Make sure that person you’re kissing is free to do so.


Cancer – Four of Cups: Expectations may need to be adjusted this week. Are you expecting too much from others or perhaps even yourself? Or are others not giving you what you need but actually you have failed to tell them what that is? No matter how close people are they are not mind-readers. Take delight in what you do have and if you do need something from someone – spell it out clearly.

Leo – Two of Pentacles: Have you gone overboard again with that Leo generosity and splurged too much already on gifts? If you’re faced with a financial juggling act it may be time to spend your time with loved ones rather than too much of your money. Also, are you spending all you have on others but leaving yourself short? Money is energy and it may be time to pay attention to which direction you send it flowing in.

Virgo – Nine of Swords: Oh dear, Virgo! What is worrying you? Is it real or are you feeding it with that worry energy and making it grow out of proportion as a result? I’m not saying that what’s keeping you awake isn’t real – but the bottom line here is that you may need to share it with someone who can help you see the way through. If you are experiencing nightmares your subconscious is merely discharging inner fears. After the darkness comes the light. Examine everything in the light of day.

Libra – Page of Swords: What isn’t being taken seriously in your life right now – either by yourself or others? Are you being dismissed as a ‘lightweight’ or else tuning out something or someone? Are you dismissing something that’s amiss in your life as ‘unimportant’ or telling yourself that it really doesn’t matter or that you are blowing it out of proportion? Reality check: It does matter and whatever it is it needs to be taken seriously. Demand justice this week.

Scorpio – Seven of Cups: Take care that someone isn’t offering more than they are prepared to deliver or that you are seeing a person or situation as you would like them or it to be – rather than what it actually is. This is the equivalent of Princess Fiona in Shrek writing in her diary ‘Mrs Fiona Charming’. Don’t get carried away by something which has yet to materialise.

Sagittarius – Seven of Swords: A situation calls for quick thinking and may be a little bit of subterfuge on your part. I’m not advocating anything dishonest here but your tendency to be upfront can often work against you. This week hold back on some details of what you have planned and let others find our after the event. Then you’ll have the satisfaction of them seeing how they underestimated you.

Capricorn – Ace of Pentacles: Ka-ching! Deck the halls with bags of money – well, perhaps not that much but this week could see a bonus or new avenue of prosperity open up for you. Also understand it may not be about how much you gain, but your attitude to abundance that determines how you feel. Is the mulled wine cup half empty or half full? Adopt a millionaire’s mindset – even if you have a cut-price budget.

Aquarius – Nine of Cups: Ding dong merrily on high! That Christmas spirit may manifest in the form of a wish or desire or else you reaching a goal you set for yourself. You can be justifiably smug, proud and pleased now. Seems like Santa may be paying you an early visit this year. Enjoy that feeling that you have received a gift – but not really. Chances are you are the one that took action to make it come true.

Pisces – Five of Wands: Do you feel as if you are in competition with others either professionally or personally? You may be deterred from applying for that new position just because you fear the huge number of other applicants. Understand that they are not you and if you don’t try you will never get the job anyway. Do you feel you are in competition for someone’s affections or a mate in general? If someone is making you feel that way, chances are they are not worth it. And ditch the ‘all the good ones are taken’ or you have to be anyone else but yourself to attract love mindset. Life isn’t meant to be competitive and what is yours has your name on it.

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