The Tower and The Star

Life is about growth and that that means change, whether we like it or not!  All of us have hung on to something far too long, whether it’s relationship that’s passed its sell by date, a job where we’ve hit the glass ceiling or just a way of being that doesn’t serve us any more.  Yet hang on we do because change can be scary.

Coming after the warning of The Devil, The Tower tells us that if we don’t change, change will be forced upon us. If we’re brave enough to take those first steps beyond The Tower into the unknown, however, there follows the quiet promise of The Star that tells us everything is really happening for our higher good!

The Tower

Bolts of lightning strike a tower, igniting an inferno as two figures tumble towards the waves lashing at its base.

Somewhere along the line we got stuck and The Tower turns up when things are literally going to get a good shaking.  It can be as mild as a planned house move, or as major as an unexpected event that rocks the foundations of our entire world or who we know ourselves to be.  Whatever it is, it had to happen.

Death told us to clear out the old to make way for the new and The Devil warned us we were falling foul of addictive behaviour.

Now The Tower comes in with a dramatic flourish to force us to make changes, or to respond to those changes that are forced upon us.

We can’t hang on to the old any more as the ground is literally shaking beneath our feet.  Nor should we try and hang on, because whatever went had to go so that we could move on.

If nothing else, The Tower tests our ability to trust that whatever happens is for the best, if we accept the inevitable changes with an open heart and good grace.

This is also a time when enlightenment can come in like a lightening bolt.  Sudden and potentially shocking, you will see life in a totally new way – if you are truly willing to look.

Connect with the card

The Tower is actually one of my birth cards which intensifies its powerful influence in my life.

Over the years and many earth-shattering events and enforced changes, I have learnt to understand its importance even if I can’t say that I always love the experience as it’s happening!

Tower energy is dramatic and intense, but its effects are usually short lived and the dust settles pretty quickly.

Give yourself as much support as possible to weather the changes that are taking place either around or within you.

Keep Rescue Remedy to hand for those moments when you could otherwise feel overwhelmed and use smoky quartz crystal to make you feel grounded and protected, placing it around your home and carrying it with you.

Talk to trusty friends.  Stay sure and strong that you and life will be better after the storm. Remember that The Tower is the final and perhaps most challenging test for your soul on its journey and a step that you must take towards the completion of yourself.  And you can always give yourself a good smudging with sage to clear any final debris!


I am loved and protected and trust that all is truly well for all.

The Star

A naked woman kneels under a star lit night sky pouring liquid from two jugs into a pond.

One particularly large star burns above her head as she goes about her task. Coming after The Tower, The Star is like the tranquil sounds of a harp suddenly cutting out heavy metal that was being played at full blast.

It’s time to breathe and relax again.  Whatever challenges and changes The Tower brought about, The Star has brought peace, serenity and joy.

We feel inspired to express ourselves and be creative.   We can be as open and trusting as the naked woman who goes about her business without fear or trepidation as she is protected by the celestial body that shines upon her.

The universe loves us and hope has returned to our lives!

Connect with the card

As this lovely card is all about inspiration and creativity, do something that means you can express that side of yourself!

Hold the actual card against your third eye and meditate. Feel yourself drawing down heavenly blessings and wisdom.  Draw, paint, write or sing what you feel.

As the Star also talks about the return of hope, spend time connecting with your dreams or ambitions.

What did you always want to do but put to one side a long time ago, before life got derailed by all the practical things that grabbed your attention?

It’s time to give yourself another chance to try it!  What new hopes and goals do you have for yourself at this point in your life?

Set aside pages in your journal to record your hopes and take steps to bring them into reality.


I am grateful for divine inspiration.


We fall under the spell of the mystical Moon and bask in the joyous rays of the glorious Sun!

Article written by Michele Knight – First published in Spirit and Destiny Magazine

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