The Moon and The Sun

Have you ever walked a familiar road at night?  It’s amazing how everything that looks so normal during the day suddenly looks mysterious and eerie.  That’s the effect of The Moon.  She heralds a part of our soul’s journey when we need to go within and use our intuition rather than let ourselves be fooled by distortions cast by her shadows and strange light. But day always follows night, and sure enough, after The Moon, The Sun bursts in, bringing energy and joy into our lives.

The Moon

The moon rises between two towers, lighting a winding path that leading down to a crayfish pulling itself out of the water.  Two dogs howl at the roadside.

In Jungian psychology, water represents the unconscious and dogs carry messages between our unconscious and conscious mind. The High Priestess tells us that we can use intuition to harness esoteric wisdom and The Moon tells us that everything we need to know right now lies within us.

It’s time to go even deeper, to pay attention to our dreams and gut feelings.  This is a time for self examination and exploration, when we can fearlessly examine what lies beneath.

This internal journey work is so demanding that major projects need to be shelved as we go within.

We can’t trust everything that we see in the outside world, so it’s important that we don’t let ourselves be led astray as we are as tender and delicate as the crayfish whose armoured shell doesn’t completely protect it from danger as it crawls out to take its place in the world.

Connect with the card

Keep a dream diary by your bed.  As soon as you wake up, jot down key words and make sketches of any striking images.  Don’t try and make sense of your dreams too soon.

Watch and wait for the wisdom that lies deep within you to take shape in the world.  The Moon’s energy waxes and wanes, so be especially gentle with yourself and get in synch with her rhythms.

New moons are great for starting anything new and when the full moon appears it’s a good time to bring things to completion. If you find yourself getting too spacey,  ground yourself with Aragonite, a crystal that’s said to be attuned to the Earth Goddess.


I trust my intuition to lead me to a deeper truth.

The Sun

The Sun beams down on a man and a woman on a card scattered with sunflowers. Following the intuitive Moon, the masculine Sun bounds in with bags of fun and energy, bringing happiness and joy and chasing any dark shadows away.  There’s no mysterious complexity here.

With The Sun, what you see is what you get so let any fears dissolve beneath the glory of his blaze.

The Sun is the source of all life on our planet, so his appearance means that it’s a great time to launch into anything that you fancy doing – whether it’s starting a business or heading out to travel the world!

As the Sun’s rays touch you, you’re bound to find yourself the centre of attention with more than a few secret admirers in the audience.  If you’re not sure of anything, the Sun shouts a loud yes so believe in yourself one hundred per cent and anything that you touch will turn to gold.

Connect with the card

The easiest and quickest way to evoke the Sun’s energy is to put a big smile on your face and beam at everyone you meet!  Notice how many people smile back.

We all want to be happy and sometimes you have to be the one who goes first and gives everyone permission to lighten up for no good reason whatsoever.  This is a time to celebrate life and enjoy any successes – no matter how small.

In life, it’s so easy to rush on without taking notice of how far we’ve come or what we’ve achieved, so don’t let the moments pass.  Make time for fun and laughter – even it it’s just you dancing round to your favourite music in your living room!  Whatever you have to do, ask yourself the question – how can I do this and have fun at the same time?

How Clean is Your House’s Kim and Aggie’s outrageous rubber gloves are a touch of pure sun, lighting up what could otherwise be just another day’s housework drudgery.

Be a shining example to everyone around you.  Sunflowers are just about the easiest plants to grow, so plant some seeds and watch them take shape and shoot skywards, reminding you that you can do the same in your own life.

The crystal Orange Calcite is associated with the sun and will help you make the most of this amazing time.


I let the sun shine in!


Judgement calls us onwards and upwards to our true path and the soul’s journey culminates in celebration with the dancer at the centre of The World! But is that really the end of our story?

Article written by Michele Knight – first published in Spirit and Destiny Magazine

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