The Lovers and The Chariot

The Lovers and The Chariot appear to be very different but in a sense they’re both teaching us that combining energy creates alchemy.  Alchemists were said to be magicians who turned lead into gold but it’s true translation is ‘the art of transformation’.  When two people meet and fall in love, combining their energy, it can bring about a huge transformation in life and combining forces automatically creates change and brings new energy.

The Lovers

You know that blissful sensation of union, that joy where the butterflies are swirling and you just can’t stop thinking about a certain someone? That is the very essence of the Lovers.

In the traditional Rider deck an angel seems to be blessing the union. Morgan Greer show us two naked people romping in a garden – supposedly the garden of Eden – and here they discover passion for the first time.

Moving from the innocence of not loving to loving can bring with it as many complications as not having it and balancing the energy of two people after the initial flush of love can be challenging.

Some say that people in love are like one body with two egos.  Like the Chariot, both energies have to join forces to make the relationship move in the right direction.

Kalhil Gibran in his mystical work the Prophet says, “For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you. Even as he is for your growth so is he for your pruning. Even as he ascends to your height and caresses your tenderest branches that quiver in the sun, So shall he descend to your roots and shake them in their clinging to the earth.”

Love is our greatest teacher and this card brings you the lesson for all it’s challenges – enter the journey joyfully.

The Lovers in a Reading

The Lovers turning up should mean that love is coming your way with all the bliss and challenge that this gift brings. Even if you’re in a relationship it is one of those loved up times where you remember why you fell in love in the first place. It should be a time of great sex and passion and the start of something that rocks your soul.

The Lovers’ Magic

Almost anything that you do that is loving towards yourself invokes the magic potential of this card. If it turns up in a reading, that’s great, but don’t forget to fall in love with yourself sometimes. Take yourself on a date, do the things you like to do for the more you love you, the more you can let the love in! Get passionate not only about your lover but about your life.

The Chariot

Morgan Greer’s Chariot shows is a man trying to control two horses, one black and one white, who, but for his control, could go in two different directions leading him nowhere.

The horses represent the dark and light within us all and the message is that to move forward you have to find balance.   Some say that the charioteer is using the sheer force of his will to control the two beasts – the kind of will over the material world that first appeared in The Magician.

Conquering your fears will lead to a dash forwards, but this is far more successfully and harmoniously achieved by accepting all of the different parts of you, rather than using willpower to reject or quash aspects of yourself that you  might not necessarily like or have the chance to express.

The Chariot in a Reading

Expect fast, chaotic movement where you might have to use tremendous will to keep your life upright!  It can refer to an upcoming journey, a house move or career progression, but can also  herald a spurt of personal growth!

The Chariot’s Magic

Are you battling two opposing forces in yourself?  Perhaps part of you wants to change career, but another part of you is scared of change.

Take two crystals and hold one in each hand.  Pour all of the thoughts and feelings connected to one part of you into one crystal and all of the other opposing feelings and thoughts into the other.

Hold out your arms so that they are stretching in different directions to represent the internal split.  Radiate love from the heart chakra towards each crystals.

Then slowly, feeling moment to moment when it is right to do so, bring your hands together and in towards your heart, feeling the two parts of you integrating as you do so.

When your hands are finally over your heart chakra, spend as long as you like imagining every aspect of your future lived by a newly integrated you.

Article written by Michele Knight: First published in Spirit and Destiny Magazine

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