Tarot Secrets – be The Fool and change your life

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I don’t think I am being controversial in saying that The Fool embodies all gender. Traditionally The Fool in Tarot is referred to as a ‘he’ but really ‘he’ is at the very least androgynous. Sadly there is no language to describe androgyny/intersex/fluid gender like he or she otherwise I would probably use that word.

The Fool also always represents us in a reading so the gender of The Fool should refer to yourself. In truth The Fool is like our soul in-between worlds genderless and a pool of unconditional pure love. On that note in this article I am going to refer to The Fool as she.

I adore The Fool because in my mind it embodies all of the complex principles of magical manifestation in one swagger. When The Fool shows up in a Tarot reading,  some people might say that it refers to risky, rash behaviour, or a kind of naive optimism.  But she’s a lot more than that.   The Fool carries the building blocks of the entire universe in her little knapsack and when she turns up in a Tarot reading, it’s really an invitation to tap into the secrets only she knows.

If you just look at the card you see a young man/woman who looks like she’s about to step off a cliff. That’s does seem foolish and reckless until you understand the nature of the creative process.  All creation means bringing something that wasn’t there before into being.  So The Fool steps off into nothing – but she is sure that the ground will materialise beneath her feet.  That’s the kind of leap of faith we take when we start to paint or write, launch a business, open a shop or set our intention to do something magnificent.

I know of a school caretaker who took it upon himself to build an orphanage in Romania.  That is a true Fool’s errand.  At the start he had nothing but faith and intention.  Along with his hard work, the right people showed up to pitch in and the tools and materials he needed materialised along the way.

I always say that The Fool’s behaviour is right out at the edge of anything known, safe or comfortable, but it’s not rash because she’s already enlightened.  She isn’t attached to any one thing turning up.  The treasures she seeks are the alchemy of experience.    That means she is truly liberated from obsessing, grasping or holding.  If you are trying to manifest anything and you get too hung up on when it’s going to arrive and exactly what form it’s going to take, a million magical opportunities could fly by and you won’t see them, but The Fool will.

Along with that, The Fool is the unique soul of the Major Arcana.  She walks to the beat of her own drum, on her own path.  She isn’t seeking permission or approval from anyone to be her authentic self.  Her amazing powers of manifestation flow from that one aspect of this card.

So if she does show up in a Tarot reading, how can you embrace her message?

Examine your fears and the limitations you have placed on yourself.   Imagine how you would respond or what you might do if you had no fear, saw no limitations and believed that you could find a way through or around any obstacle in your path.  And then see if you can bridge any gaps between that unlimited realm of imagination and what you think, feel and do.

Devote time and energy into delving into your unique and authentic self and coaxing it out into the world.  Do things that stretch and inspire you.  Seek out those who are already at the edge of where you want to head.

Learn to discern true danger from the things that the ego fears.  Jumping off a cliff is reckless, but being true to your authentic self and encountering a smattering of ridicule for that might smart, but it really can’t hurt you.  And especially when you understand the way that we can all act as each other’s mirrors in this world.  If someone attacks you for going after your dream, it may be because deep down they have squashed theirs’ out of fear.

Know that you are perfect in your imperfections, unique and lovable as you are.  Einstein said that the only thing we really have to work out is whether the universe we live in is safe or unsafe.  Know that it is abundant and trust in every step of your journey. Then you too can be as wise as The Fool.

loads of love,

Michele x


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