Tarot to focus your psychic abilities

Tarot is a stunning magical tool which can be used in many different ways.  It’s a great vehicle through which you can ponder on the different mysteries and stages of life. Tarot can act as a teacher, guiding you through the evolution of your soul as lose yourself in the depth of the mysteries and symbols captured within the cards.

Using the tarot as a tool for psychic skills creates a bridge between symbolic meanings and your psychic ability. I find it more powerful than other tools to light up and plug into our innate 6th sense. It’s almost as if you see through the cards, which act as a doorway into the psychic detail.

Just reading the cards and using them for ‘safety’ can block the psychic flow. There is a difference between a tarot reader and a psychic reading using tarot.  Good readers tell the story of what is on the cards.  Exceptional readers are able to work with the cards in a way that enables them to access all of the information contained within the quantum soup, to tune into their own psychic abilities.

In the beginning, it’s easy to get bogged down into what the cards ?mean?.  That can be an important step in starting out when developing your psychic ability, but moving beyond those first steps is the key to your psychic development.  When I taught screenwriter (Kingsman, Kick Ass, X-men) Jane Goldman how to work with Tarot, I threw her right in the deep end and encouraged her to give her instinctive responses to the cards without studying their meaning first  and she was fantastic!

So if you are studying Tarot, do immerse yourself in the incredible symbolism contained within the cards and explore different spreads and different ways of using them, but always remember that they are a route to developing your own psychic ability.  The power is within you!

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